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e effectiveness of the recruitment processes

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Report In this task, I am going to explain the effectiveness of the recruitment processes we went through. I will judge the effectiveness, including strengths and weaknesses of my recruitment and selection process. I will also recommend ways in which my recruitment exercise could be improved. The effectiveness of the recruitment documents and possible improvements Job Description We made a job description so potential applicants can see what job roles they will be expected to carry out. On Wednesday 18th March 2009 we evaluated the job description we created was very effective, as we included a very detailed table which contained key information, which explained to the applicants what exactly the job required. This also provided vital information for our applicants, which saved time as they did not have to ask questions to us, as this information has already been provided to them. It was also effective as we made sure the job description clearly explained the roles of the job, and therefore if potential applicants felt they could not carry out these jobs, they would not apply, this saved us valuable time, as we did not have to look at un-necessary applicants. The weaknesses of our job description are that, in our first draft, the job description was over 4 pages. This was very time consuming as, we did not summarise the job roles briefly. ...read more.


This way, we would have known the exact information to put on it and thus save us a lot of time. We also could of added more colour on to it, to make it more attractive and user-friendly. Application Form This was made so that we know the details of our applicants and they qualifications they poses The strengths of our application form, which we analysed on Friday 20th March 2007 showed us that it was very straight forward for the applicant to fill out. A straightforward application form increased our chances of applicants applying for the job. Also, our application form enabled applicants to explain their qualities briefly; therefore a strong applicant would be confident of progressing, as he/she has stated their qualities in a impressive way. Another advantage is that, we only get back the information we wanted and none other. Therefore, we would not waste unnecessary time, reading inappropriate information on application forms. Also out application form allows us to view our applicants work related achievements, from this we can narrow applicants down by the short -listing process. We also thought about external factors affecting us, for example the Racial Discrimination Act, therefore we included a equal oppurtunaties form, therefore applicants of would not feel we are being bias. The weaknesses of our application form are that it did not give us a chance to analyse the applicants' personality and their people skills, by doing this, we could have potentially eliminated the best person for the job. ...read more.


Also some responses by the applicants were excellent, this impressed us very much. Also we recorded our interviews, this helped us analyse the interview after the interview had finished. The weaknesses of our interview was that we did not write down enough notes, as either we did not have time to the information said by the applicant down, or we totally forget about notes, as we was concentrating on the responses given to us by the applicants. Also, since the question did not make sense, we could not clearly say the questions; this ruined the professional style of the interview. We could have improved the interview by conducting more notes, so we could analyse the applicants clearly. Also even if we could not read the question clearly, we should have improvised. Final Selection Decision - Thursday 26th March 2009 We did this so that as a group we can agree on the best person for the job. We did this on Thursday 26th March 2009, the strengths were that it was a easy and short process that we all agreed on. Also we did not let our personal feelings get in the way of our final decision. However, we did not discuss the strengths of candidate 4 in detail, therefore we may have been un-intentionally been bias. We could have improved our final selection process by analysing both candidates in more detail, which would of decreased the risk of us being potentially bias. ?? ?? ?? ?? Parag Mehta Unit 2 Task 6 3118 ...read more.

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