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Enterprise Unit

Applied Business Studies

Mr. A Miseroy


For the enterprise unit, we have to organise and run a business for 5 days in order to run the business we first had to come up with an idea of what we were going to do.

After coming up with a few initial ideas like pizza and shwarma we decided that to make the business more successful and popular we would be better of selling soft drinks with the food.

After finding out more information and all the details, we found out that shwarma’s won’t be a good idea as we will either need to rent a portable machine one of the places and also we will need to hire some one to run it, this means that it will be expensive and we might not cover the costs.

There was a problem with the pizza’s as well, due to the times of the breaks most of the popular pizza places that we were thinking of did not open up till later so we had to find a pizza place that opened at 10:00-10:30am, so the pizza’s will be cooked and deliverd to the school for between 11 and 11.10am. this was important because the pizzas needed to be delivered before second break had started because the pizzas needed to be sorted out and ready to be sold to the students and staff of Doha college.

After we had looked around at the different pizza businesses in Doha we found the ideal pizza place to buy our pizzas from, which was Pizza Inn. This is because the premises is close to Doha College and also Pizza Inn is a well known pizza store and has a good name within the local and surrounding areas. The group finally decided that this is an ideal pizza store to use but we would not get the soft drinks supplied from here due to the extra cost which we would be charged. Therefore we decided to get the drinks from Charlotte’s compound shop.

Aims and objectives

Mission statement

A mission statement is a brief statement of the goal that the business aspires to achieve in an ideal world


  • The business wants to provide a high quality service and product to the students of Doha college in order to satisfy their tastes  

I thought that the mission statement is ideal because it is not too specific but the business wants to provide the students with good food rather than the overpriced and rubbish silver cafes food, this realistic as many people will buy pizza from us.


An aim is a long term goal that the business tries to accomplish in approximately 5 years from now; aims are more focused than mission statement, it is a long term goal if we kept out business open.

  • The business aims to make a profit
  • The business aims to develop the business making it more successful
  • The business aims to diversify into different types of food to give the customers a chance to choose between different products.
  • The business aims to increase the number of staff so we can buy and sell more pizzas faster.


An objective is a short term to medium target that the business wants to achieve in approximately 1-3 years.

  • The business wants to improve the quality of food that is sold at the school
  • The business wants to break even with a short period of time
  • The business wants to improve efficiency
  • The business wants to satisfy customer needs


The objectives have to be smart objective which means then need to be 

  • S: Specific
  • M: Measurable
  • A: Agreed
  • R: Realistic
  • T: Time framed
  1. Specific

Specific means that the objectives have to be a to a point like expand to three countries or reach a certain profit. Something that can clearly be identified.

  1. Measurable

Measurable means that the objectives have to have a way of recording whether or not that the objectives have been reached. Able to be quantified

  1. Agreed

Agreed means that they have to sit down and discuss what the objectives are going to be so the staff gets a say in what the objectives are going to be rather than the objectives being imposed, as staff are more likely to work towards achieving targets if they have been consulted.

  1. Realistic  

Realistic means the objectives that are set need to be capable of being reached, mostly there is a likelihood of succeeding but that does not mean too simple. The objectives need to be stretching. Setting targets that are plainly impossible does not motivate people it makes them work less.

  1. Time framed

Time framed means that the objectives have to have a time frame so that they do not go on for ever they need a time scale to know when they are meant to have achieved their objectives.

S.M.A.R.T Objectives

The Smart objectives for the business are:

1st meeting                                                 16th December 2007


  • meeting to discuss what the project about
  • possible ideas
  • 1-2 weeks
  • Specs
  • Roles
  • Comment
  • presentation

On this day we just talked about what we were going to do after we have finished the current project.

2nd meeting                                                 Sunday 13th January 2008


  • we had a meeting to discuss what the assessment is based on and what is required
  • ideas which could be produced for the project such as what different items could be sold for the mini enterprise
  • duration of the task would range between one and one and a half weeks depending on the available time
  • looked at the specification for the task

  1. for this unit we must run a small business for a time period for a minimum of 1 school week.

  1. There is to be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 people in each group.

  1. the ideas which my group came up with is the following:-

  • Kebab’s
  • Drinks
  • Pizza


3rd meeting                                                 Monday 14th January 2008

Join now!


  • Commencement and closure dates for the businesses
  • The roles of the people in the groups

  1. The businesses must be complete by the  12th April,

The dates which each of the businesses can operate in are between the following dates:

27th – 31st 

3rd – 7th 

10th -12th


  1. The roles of the staff are as followed:

  • Jake(Me)        - Human Resources and sales manager
  • Matthew        - I.C.T
  • Juan                - manager
  • Charlotte        - marketing and secretary
  • Toby                - finance

Memorandum of Association

Name: Jimmy Wing Wang ...

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