Evaluate how future changes in political, legal and social factors may impact on the strategy of Tescos.

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 Evaluate how future changes in political, legal and social factors may impact on the strategy of a specified organisation.

Political factors are the facilities a business would want or would expect from the government after paying all the bills and everything. The businesses or organisations who pay the bills would want facilities like electricity and the roads and everything these are called the political factors. Political factors is factual information which is correct, but on the other hand can be info which can be challenged be politician’s. Which can be a number of things e.g. NHS, Education, Employment.

Political stability affects Tesco as there are elections that take place every five years and within every new government coming up the new laws and regulations are introduced which means that the tax laws are even changed. As Tesco needs to sell its products they need to have packaging for them as well and along with that they need to know about the tax and everything that needs to be paid.

Political stability affects washwood heath Technology College as there are elections the new government brings changes in the education law. Before the students were given places into schools by schools but now the process has been moved to Birmingham city council. The government sometimes cuts few courses from the schools and colleges and introduces new courses so washwood heath Technology College has to follow them.

The government affects Tesco by providing support like providing education. Education up to college level is free so every male and female can get education as this helps Tesco to have skilled workers because they will be educated. Government helps Tesco by providing infrastructure as government builds up roads for sending the products around. Tesco has roads surrounded by it so the customers can come and buy products from Tesco. The government provides water supply and electricity and gas supply. As government tells Tesco to employ skilled and educated workers. The government helps Tesco to enhance skilled population. Ministry for business help the business and even trade association even helps Tesco as this helps Tesco to send its products around. Membership of international trading communities can be a great help to the Tesco. This can help Tesco improve a lot. It can add great value to the products of Tesco and it can improve the sales of Tesco.

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The government affects washwoodheath Technology College by providing the free education for the students and by paying the wages to the teachers. Government helps washwood heath technology colleges as it provides the school the building to set up in and it provides school with all facilities like the roads, the electricity, the water and the gas supply. The government wants washwood heath Technology College to have skilled staff as this will help them educate the students in a better way. Local educational authorities, NEST and the ofsted support washwood heath Technology College. If washwood heath Technology College becomes a member ...

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