Evaluate of your own development as a result of your work placement.

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I have completed a six week summer internship at BP. Prior to the internship I didn’t have any experience on how a business operates and what skills and behaviours are required in the workplace.

Over the six weeks I learnt how BP operate on a day to day basis. Firstly, I went to an induction. During the induction, I was taught all health and safety policies. For instance holding the hand rail and having lids on all drinks. And I was also given details about BP, what they do and what they offer their employees. Lastly, they talked about what happens in emergencies such as fires or if somebody needs medical help. Then during the induction, I met all my team and found that BP all have designated bases and I would be working in the same place surrounded by my team members throughout the six weeks. Experiencing an induction at BP was beneficial as I now have an understanding on procedures and policies which usually are similar between different companies.

Furthermore, I learnt about administration. Administration is the process of organising people and resources efficiently. Tasks they did included receiving phone calls, attended to guests, completing paper work and booking meeting rooms.

I also learnt how to set up meetings. Meetings are usually arranged on Outlook and Lync and they provide a notification when a meeting is booked and when it is coming up. When arranging meetings there needs to be information like the date and venue of the meeting, a link to join the online Lync meeting and the agenda of what the meeting is about. The majority of meetings at companies are used on outlook and therefore the knowledge I learnt at BP can be applied elsewhere.

BP also do a lot for young people. They provide work experience, internships and have a graduate programme. I know that BP offer a graduate program in which I may be interested whilst at university.

Moreover, the majority of the employees at BP have full time jobs. However, there will be people who have part time jobs where they have set days. And there will be people who work for BP temporally because they may be filling in for somebody who is absent or may be there to finish a specific project. My manager and team members also worked from home which was important to know if I needed to contact someone. BP was a very flexible company and as long as you do your work you can work when you want.

Furthermore, Health and safety is very important to BP and they make sure every employee knows the set of health and safety rules. These include hold the hand rail when going up and down the stairs and to never use your phone whilst on the stairs; also ensure that all drinks hot or cold, have lids on them to ensure they don’t spill over which could ruin paperwork or electrical items. They also have tests of the fire alarms and public address system every week which ensure that if there are any problems that they are in order so that everyone is safe. I made sure I followed by these rules and by following them I have adapted them to my everyday living.
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Whilst at BP I worked very closely within my team. I worked with the GWO team which was spread amongst many countries. Over the weeks I presented to them, asked questions and completed jobs for them. The team working skill is very important amongst every job and therefore the skills I got here can be used in the future.

When I arrived at BP I was aware of all responsibilities of employment. I received a job description which will told me my job roles and I was told who I needed to report to if I ...

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