Evaluating the Market for Fast Food in Vietnam

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1. Understand the concept Fast Food Restaurants

1.1 Define Fast Food Restaurants

  • A fast food restaurant is understood as a quick service restaurant within the industry. It is common in the world and even in Vietnam. It is a specific type of restaurant is characterized by its fast foods and by minimal table service. The food at the restaurant is supplied from limited menu .The food is served quickly in a short time. Besides the Food can be pre-ordered at restaurant.

  • Fast food restaurant are often chains. Fast food restaurants are often developed from numerous locations operation under the same upper management. Some of the fast food restaurant in Vietnam's most successful. Such as Lotteria, KFC, Buger king and so on. In it, lotteria (South Korea) is considered the "big brother" with more than 200 stores, followed by KFC (USA) has opened 140 stores and No. 3 is Jollibee (Philippines) with over 30 stores.

  • Quick-service restaurants offer consistent food with a reasonable diet. Due to highly regulated production systems, food suppliers and menu development, quick-service restaurants are known for their consistency. Customers expect a sandwich or smoothie ordered at one location to taste exactly like the same item ordered elsewhere, and quick-serves deliver

1.2 Enumerate and discuss various Fast Food Restaurants available in Danang. Discuss how the government supports these restaurant chains.

In Vietnam, Fastfood are becoming a new trend in modern life, when money and jobs might be increased, except time. However, the dramatic developments in recent year  has made not only the fastfood market Vietnam more exciting but also a challenge for a long-held brand even recent brand.

In 1997, the brand Jollibee (Philippines), which was founded by Tony Tan Caktiong in 1978, was the one of earliest presence brands  in Vietnam. The year 2009 marked an unprecedented growth of Jollibee in Vietnam with many new stores were opened in conjunction with the marketing and advertising campaigns. At the same time, Jollibee also became one of the most favorite brands Vietnam. Jollibee introduced the concept “Open house” to expend  the customers – all the members of the family: Parents, brother, sister, cousin, etc. Morover,  the secrect of the success of Jollibee in Vietnam is focusing on three criteria: simple, cheap and delicious. Jollibees’ food are very simple, not luxury but  must be cooked delicious in order to attract customers, who have an average imcome to eat reguarly. (Cửa hàng Jollibee - ẩm thực Phillipines tại Việt Nam, 2014)

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KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), which was founded by Harland Sanders in 1952 in Kentucky, U.S.A, entered the market in Vietnam in the first time at Super Bowl – the Saigon trade center in 1997.KFC currently holding almost 80% market fried chicken in Vietnam. KFC focused on young people especially the children through programs dedicated this promising customers group. It can be seen the objective of KFC is that they want to make the KFC brand becomes a companion of those potential customers from an early age. KFC is also trying to create a new and modern space, where people can ...

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