Examples of stakeholders at Tescos

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Who are stakeholders?A stakeholder is an individual or group involved in that organisation that has a part in achieving the business aims and objectives and also an individual or group that can be affected by the organisations actions. - People or organisations with a special interest in the business. This is because they are directly affected by what it does. For example, you are a key stakeholder in your college – and so is your tutor. Example Of StakeholdersHow are stakeholders influenced by the businessHow is the business affected by stakeholders?ShareholdersGenerally a customer wants quality goods at a low cost. They would also want a variety of products to choose from. All customers want these things and by Tesco providing them Tesco will attract more customers because of people talking about it.  Tesco like most business’ need their customers because they are the business’ income as the customers are the people who buy Tesco’s products. The customers are similar to a pressure group because they apply pressure to Tesco to meet their needs. Meeting the customer’s needs can be things such as expanding their stores or giving more variety on certain products. Tesco have feedback forms in their stores which allow customers to communicate with Tesco and tell how stores can be improved. This makes Tesco a more competitive supermarket. The comments Tesco will receive on their feedback forms will have a great influence on Tesco making them improve their stores to suit the customer needs.Shareholders are people who legally own shares of stock in Tesco Plc, they are needed as if Tesco is losing income and
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find themselves in financial trouble they can sell their shares to help build up the business, so the more shareholders they hold they better the chance of recovery. Shareholders want the business to succeed and their shares to increase which means a better return/dividend. Shares would be more secure with a company like Tesco Plc as it’s considered to be successful and gives out better dividends.  Shareholders to me are a very important stakeholder because they own the business and will obviously want it to do well because otherwise they will not make a profit. Tesco share prices are high; ...

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