Explain the ethical issues H & M needs to consider in its operational activities

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In this report I will be talking about how my chosen organisation, which is H&M, uses ethical issues to consider in its every day operational activities. H&M may not have some ethical issues that I will be discussing about in this report, but I will talk in detail about how they could use them, issues in their business. I will be explaining how H&Ms way of selling affects ethical issues and will be discussing about the things they need to be aware of whilst selling their clothes.

Human Rights

Business ethics consider actions taken on behalf of organisations such as H&M. Business ethics as the business if its actions are good or bad for us humans. Many questions that arise in business ethics affect all of us such as the environmental ones. There are also some issues which relate to human rights too. Therefore it is important that H&M deal with these issues and questions correctly as they do affect humans and the environment. Human rights are mainly about discrimination. For example it is illegal in the UK to treat people differently because of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability. These are known as basic human rights.

There are other types of human rights which are built into legal system. At H&M employees are entitled to a contract of employment, to work part time, to be able to join a union and to have hearing against wrongful dismissal. This is for everyone; this is known as human rights. H&M would have to follow human rights when employing people to work with them; they cannot deny someone to work for them because of their race, gender, religion or disability. If these laws are broken in H&M they can be sued. H&Ms commitment to operating with respect for human rights is reflected in company policies and procedures. In order to integrate human rights considerations into the management of their business, human rights due diligence is part of their risk assessment for new production and sales markets. For existing production and sales markets, H&M will regularly evaluate human rights related risks and conduct human rights impact assessments on high risk markets. Risk and impact assessments are used for them to identifying actual and potential human rights impacts from their business activities, which are then managed by the relevant business functions. H&M works broadly to promote respect for human rights through public policy, stakeholder dialogues and collaborations.
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Working Conditions

When people start working for a business organisation, they are entitled to a set of minimum working conditions, which are not just about wages and salaries. They also cover aspects of work such as hours, holiday entitlement, privacy harassment and discrimination. It is up to employers to create working conditions that are fair, just and open. Trade Unions have the traditional role of defending worker rights against bad employers. H&M employees must have been told about the working conditions which should cover all aspects such as things like hours, holidays, salaries and wages. It is ...

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