Explain the range of services provided by two banking providers to meet customer needs

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Explain the range of services provided by two banking providers to meet customer needs.

I have been recruited as a Financial Advisor at The Co-operative Bank as a school leaver trainee. I will be placed on a comprehensive training campaign but before this begins, my manager wishes to ascertain my current financial acumen. The two banks I will be researching will be Santander Bank and Tesco Bank.

The Santander Group is a Spanish banking group and is the largest bank in the  by market value. It is one of the largest banks in the world in terms of . As its name suggests, the company originated in , , . The bank was founded in Spain in 1857 and operates in Europe, North and Latin America, Singapore, Hong Kong and Africa. Key people in the bank include Ana Patricia Botin who is the executive chairman and Jose Antonio Alvarez who is the CEO. The profit made by the bank in 2014 was €5.816 Billion and total assets worth €1.266 Trillion.

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Santander offer many products to the public. Firstly, they provide many different current accounts to their customers including:

  • 1|2|3 Current Accounts
  • Everyday Current Accounts
  • Choice Current Accounts
  • Basic Current Account
  • 1|2|3 Mini Accounts
  • Student and Graduate Current Accounts

They also offer two types of credit cards:

  • 1|2|3 Credit Card
  • Santander Credit Card

Santander also offer four types of insurance:

  • Home insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Life Insurance

In addition they provide personal loans. And they also have different mortgages:

  • Existing ...

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