explanation of marketing tecniques used and an anaylsis of why these techniques have been chosen

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Unit 3/assignment/1 task 6

Marketing Techniques

Marketing techniques consist of;

  • Market Research is when companies use questionnaires focus groups gap analysis etc to find out their customers needs and wants also to identify their competitors
  • Relationship marketing is when a business will use various tactics to build a relationship with customers to encourage future sales such as using discounts or a giving a loyalty card
  • Branding from using logos and other tactics to build a well known brand to make customers become loyal and keeping buying it.
  • Segmentation and targeting is when a business will divide up a market into segments based on the characteristics of the customer
  • Target marketing is when you target the customer type you want to buy you product using the right promotional techniques.

Market Techniques No Sweat Outdoors LTD Use

No Sweat use relationship marketing as they want to build a relationship with their customers to encourage customers to come back and spend money by being friendly and providing a high level of customer service. They do this by going to a lot of effort in ordering in products their customers want if they can, by giving customers advice when buying their technical equipment, by only selling good quality products so the customers won’t be disappointed and will want to buy it again and become loyal to that brand and trust No Sweat when buying other equipment and will prefer to spend a little more and get what they want from it and be able to rely on their products, No Sweat also proivde a discount to regular customers.

  There are postives and negitives for No Sweat using relationship marketing as a marketing technique.

The positves are; the company is building a really good reputation of being professional, and helpful. From No Sweat having a good rep it’s a cheap & easy way of promoting their business as regular customers spread the word of mouth to others of the business in general of specific products which will help them gain more customers. The effort of ordering in products and cost of discounting goods No Sweat had to go through to gain regular customers and a good reputation does decline over a period of time as they will keep gaining customers and have a demand for their products which is needed if they wanted to expand their business.

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The negatives are; No Sweat has to make sure that all products maintain the same quality so customers can gain a trust with the business in general and to become loyal and rely on a certain brand or product they had before. Theres no guarantee the customer will come back as some customers may just come in for one product or just be visiting the area therfore it can be seen as a negative as its wasting time. It can be expensive building a relationship with a customer as they order in specific products which are more expensive than if ...

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