Exploring Business Activity P3

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Anton Prinson Sritharan                                                      BTEC Business National Unit 1

Exploring Business Activity Unit 1 P3,


I am continuing work for my two main businesses, and it’s all about how to understand the kind of businesses influences and the setting of strategic aims and objectives. They are involves:

  • Strategic planning process
  •  Public and voluntary sector strategies
  • Setting aims and objectives
  • Planning strategies  

I should introduce my two businesses in a few lines and explain the terms ‘aims’ and ‘objectives’ clearly and concisely.

An aim is a general statement of intent. It tries to summarise, in broad terms, the activity which is about to take place. Aims are written in general terms.


The aim of this section of the Microsoft website is to improve our understanding of the difference between an aim and an objective.

Once we have established our aims it is them important to break these down into small, achievable chunks. These are called objectives.

An objective is a description of an intended outcome, written in specific terms. It describes:

  • What we/Microsoft/Oxfam will do?
  • By when.
  • Using what (resources, equipment, facilities).
  • To what standard.

Public and voluntary sector business (Oxfam)

3 Strategic Aims

  • To save people from poverty and homeless
  • To provide free emergencies services
  • To send charities to help children get to school immediately


3 Smart O objectives

  • The providing of TV show about twice a week can be shown all about related to health, foods, education, floods etc, to develop by next year January 2011.
  • It is important to alert emergencies during floods and earthquake, they must reach there to get people to survive or rescue them at anytime at future periods.
  • To advertise on TV or ask people, who don’t need computers, books and software? But needed to accumulate 1-100 computers for schools, and to inform whether they need it or not; will be predicting by January 2011.

Private sector business (Microsoft)  

3 Strategic Aims

  • To help customers to reach their potential
  • To consider the Microsoft software’s to worldwide technology and get skills from new Computer science programming
  • To help people to get knowledge in latest digital education on computing.
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3 SMART objectives

  • It is necessary to attract more new customers on their business and inform them about computing, software and books and it must be predict by December 2010
  • To publish a thick book and then advertise it, but people who don’t know about Microsoft and persuade people to buy them what Microsoft technology is.  
  • To qualify computer science courses for students who are interesting in leanings and reach them by online cheaper to teach.    

  1. Strategic planning process

Quantitative analysis of current situation: Quantitative analysis is based on numbers. ...

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