Task 2- Activities of functional areas and their contribution towards meeting aims and objectives            


In order to complete this report I am going to research on four different functional areas, and identify them.


I am going to identify and describe four different functional areas for the PLC Tesco. The four functional areas are:

  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Customer services
  • Research and development


Marketing is a technique used to advertise, sell, and promote products in a business. Marketing is done so that a business can find out what customers want, then setting out to meet their needs. Marketing includes market research, deciding on products and prices, and advertising, promoting, distributing and selling.

The marketing department in the Tesco Company meet the customer needs by offering them services and quality products, which persuades and encourages them to come back and shop.

The marketing department within the Tesco business do all sorts of different jobs in the business like, plan the marketing mix, which is place, price, promotion and product, advertising their services, research customer needs and sites, do advertising campaigns, compare sales with competitors, understanding and anticipating customer requirements, and develop strategies that help to remain a market leader.

The company use primary and secondary data to carry out market research, for example they create questionnaire to find out customer needs, this is secondary research. They also carry out primary research like

When researching on customer needs, this department carries out different methods to find out the result of the customer needs. One of the methods the company uses is sales and offers of different type of products. By doing this they can find out if the product is popular, expensive, inexpensive, useful etc. another method is to send out trials of different product, then see the response of them.

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In the Tesco marketing department, advertising is the main and most important activity. This is because advertising it the first step for customers to buy the products. By advertising they can promote the products and communicate with the customers. The different ways they advertise there products are, advertising the products on billboards, the television, the internet, the radio and other media sources. They company also sponsor celebrities to advertise their products so customers will have an interest in the company and products. They also create product trials and testers, so customers can test the products before buying them. By ...

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