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Gender and the Business Environment Introduction In the best selling book "Men from Mars and Women from Venus", John Gray

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Gender and the Business Environment Introduction In the best selling book "Men from Mars and Women from Venus", John Gray investigates the intrinsic differences between men and women in a way easily transferred to the business setting. John Gray speaks of women relishing love, communication, beauty and relationships. However, despite this women in the modern day business setting are also influenced by a desire for power, competition and achievement. It is clear that men and women have difficulty in understanding exactly each others needs in the business environment. However with the boom of self-help literature and gender studies gurus like Dr Pat Heim, this is clearly less of a problem. Whether it is bad communication or dealing with petty arguments in the workplace, there is a book available for your circumstance. The most effective communication between men and women exists when men and women are able to understand the "invisible rules", as described by Dr Pat Heim. ...read more.


This teaches boys to obey unquestioningly, to tolerate others and to become team leaders. Through the games boys learn in childhood, males are able to learn how to acquire power, resolve conflicts and become emotionally detached from the competition in the business setting. The "Flat" Female Culture Girls in general do not play and, for many physical and social reasons, are not drawn to sports. Girls are able to learn from the uncompetitive one to one games they play with the people they like. The games girls play reinforces and galvanises their friendships through win-win situations and the application of equality throughout. As a consequence of this girls have what is called a "flat" relationship structure, as described by Dr Pat Heim. Interpersonal relationships are an aspect of female culture that is not to be underestimated. The power distribution within female cultures is kept even and any attempt to digress from this in the business setting is usually met with a break in friendships. ...read more.


Summary As identified, it is the unique social environment of both males and females that creates the rules governing their behaviour in the business environment. There is nothing objective or scientific about the appropriateness of our behaviour within the business setting. Today the working environment presents challenges for women as they learn to adapt to a hierarchical goal orientated approach that traditionally govern business operations. However men too have to slowly adapt their approach as a stream of new management techniques prove successful in the modern era. This includes the flat, process orientated approach brought to the workplace by women in particular. In this environment is essential that optimal level of communication is maintained between the male and female cultures. This is achieved when conscious attention is given to the way we speak (i.e. speak the language of the other gender) and non-verbal forms of communication. It is clear that the global leaders of tomorrow will need to understand, respect and appropriately apply the rules of gender culture. ...read more.

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