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Have you ever found yourself sitting in class, thinking

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Have you ever found yourself sitting in class, thinking "What is the point to this?" "Thinking; I'm not even going to take this subject; "wondering; how relevant will this be to everyday life?" Today I am going to talk 2 u about education. In my not so humble opinion, education is extremely badly run. The main fault I have found with education is this; most of the things you have spent hours learning will, if they are not forgotten, play little or no part in your life. Does every teenager in the country need to know the detailed workings of the digestive system or how to dissect a sheep? Why is it absolutely vital that they are educated on so many aspects of Historical interest, such as the First World War, or the Greek's brilliant (although of course wrong) ...read more.


Books, computers and the Internet have rendered passing information down in this way pointless and useless. The information does not have to be carried on through the generations in this way. If you ask your parents, the chances are that all they learned in chemistry was how to make paraffin & their mathematical tutoring consisted of reciting times table, & if they didn't need all the information all are learning then surely nor do the vast majority of young people today. Another issue is homework. Some schools seem to take the view that the more homework you give a student the more intelligent they will become. The truth is that in most cases it will have the opposite effect; there is too much pressure to get it done on time. This stressed out your brain & reduces its learning capacity; you rush the work & aren't really focused on learning anything. ...read more.


For the moment it is probably impractical to have special classes for a small number of advanced students in various subjects, but something must be done. To a small extent I have experienced this myself in one subject & I can tell you it is both frustrating and boring. Something needs to be done, and fast. Schools need to cut down on pointless work such as copying out information without actually taking in what you are reading (which is what happened when students are overworked) and what appears to be attempting to teach every aspect of everything to everyone, which is of course impossible. More effort should be put into students learning things they will actually use, and more structure is needed to prevent lessons overlapping and the same things being learned time and time again. Just think about what I have said; education is okay but it could be better; more focused, more structured, and most importantly, more relevant. ...read more.

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