How A Bakery Can Use Market Research

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Unit 10 – P1

Market Research can be defined as the systematic gathering, recording and analysis of data about problems relation to the marketing of goods and services. This can be broken down as follows:

* Systematic – This is carried out in a careful and organised way.

* Gathering and Recording of Data – This is collecting data and setting it down into writing or computer records.

* Analysing the Data – Identifying patterns and trends.

* Problems relating to Marketing – These Include what price to charge, how best to advertise the goods and services, where to sell them from and so on.

There are two main methods that are used for market research. There is primary research which is collecting new information and secondary research which is to use information which is already provided, for example, If Bismillah Bakery wanted to conduct primary research they could do surveys where they ask customers/people questions, or they could research other companies using the internet to collect secondary research.

Primary Research Methods

Information that an organisation collects from its own research efforts is termed primary. This involves the collection of new information for a specific purpose.

Observation can involve watching different types of behaviour. The main advantage of this technique is that the researcher watches behaviour first-hand rather than having to ask someone what they would in a specific situation. Observation may give fare more accurate results that other approaches as observation shows what is actually happening. However observation is time consuming and can cost a lot. If Bismillah Bakery wanted to observe they could watch how customers and employees operate in the shop.
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Bismillah Bakery can conduct surveys which ask several different questions, there are different types of surveys which include:

Face-to-Face: This is when for example Bismillah Bakery employees could ask their customers questions about their purchase. This could be a brief few questions inside the shop.

Postal: This is when for example Bismillah Bakery sends out questionnaires to people and then they can answer them and send them back. This type of survey isn’t good because of the poor response rate but these contain brief questions which could influence people to complete them.

Panels are surveys ...

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