How does Topshop gain competitive advantage over clothing rivals

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My investigation is based on Sony Playstation and Xbox. My investigation is about competitive advantage, the aim of the investigation is to see which techniques are used by Sony Playstation to gain competitive advantage over Xbox 360.

After the world war two, Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita opened a radio shop in Tokyo. They later founded a company called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K (T.T.K). The later started to sell anything thay was electrical.  The two young men thoguht they could change this small business of theirs into a large world wide company and they thought the only way they could do this is by selling to the U.K and other developed countries. T.T.K changed there name to sony once building there first factory, Sony where the first Japanese factory to open in the U.K. Sony in the last few decades have been very sucessful and have involved themselves in different business all over the world and have also involved themsleves in different markets

In my investigation I will show which of the four factors (cost leadership, relationship, innovation and brand image) Sony use to gain competitive advantage over Xbox. I will also try to explain how Sony Playstation uses these four factors to gain competitive advantage.  

After I have gathered all the information I will analyse the information and then in the final paragraph I will construct a conclusion.

What is competitive advantage?

Competitive advantage is the qualities that make one company superior to the other. Competitive advantage helps one company attract more customers then its competition.  

There are four ways in which a company can do this:

Cost leadership – trying to be the lowest-cost producer in that particular industry to supply to the market. An example of this could include Morrisons selling their own products cheaper than Tesco and Asda’s products. These types of products can include fruits and vegetables or tinned products.

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Brand image – How a company's product is seen by the consumer, if the brand image is strong then the consumer will buy that product again. E.g. Nike can gain competitive advantage using this method over the competition, because they have a very strong brand image it helps them to gain competitive advantage over Adidas and Puma.

Relationship – A strong relationship with the consumer in business is always a positive point this is because the closer you are to your customers the more the customer will feel welcomed. A strong relationship should also be tried to be built with ...

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