How Tesco complies with current ICT legislation

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Unit 4 – Business communication

Assignment 3

How Tesco complies with current legislation

Legal issues

Data protection Act 1998

Tesco is a large food retailer that that is well committed to protecting their customer information. Tesco uses the Data protection Act, so that they are able to keep their employees information and their customer information within the company both in the computer system and manual filling system. When customers register with Tesco they are able to find information about them and they will use your information to provide and personalise our service and to detect and prevent fraud. Tesco will be able to find information using club card service. A Club card is a loyalty card that is given to customers, where they will be able to gain points when they spend a certain amount that will lead to rewards. With the information that they gather about the customer such as their name, their address, date of birth, email address and Tesco will used it to communicate with them, whether it’s about a new service or product that they are launching. Personal information is anything that is about a personal such as their name, address telephone numbers and more.

The Data Protection Act was brought in, in 1998 with this act there are eight principles that must be followed (e.g. obtain fairly and lawfully, accurate and up to date, processed in line with rights your rights)to keep sensitive information secure and safe from the wrong hands.

“We use 128-bit secure encryption through a secure socket layer. This is the Internet standard for the secure transmission of data. When you register or login to get a quote, the browser window will become secure to protect your information. You know this window is secure because your browser will show a padlock or key at the bottom right hand side of your screen”.

Freedom of information

Freedom of information is an act that came into effect in the year 2005. This is there for people or organisation who wants to gain information held by public authority. The information the public authority may have or not must be supply within 20 working days. Tesco follows this rule as their might be information that their customer might need such as personal information they would have to inform the Data Protection Officer, Corporate & Legal Affairs, this way they know that it is safe to give out the information needed to be accessed. This is important for their customer to know that their information is secured and protected so that they will continue to shop at Tesco.

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Computer misuse Act 1990

The computer act is split into three different sections, as will be listed below:

1. Unauthorised access to computer materials – so staff need to keep their password secure and no one should use the machine if they are left unattended.

2. Unauthorised access to computer systems with intent to commit another offence – so cannot alter any information on someone’s computer.

3. Unauthorised modification of computer materials – so hacking is illegal.

As listed above, they are the three parts to the computer misuse act which protect individual’s information from being stolen or misused in ...

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