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How the organisation tesco uses ICT in their business.

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How the organisation tesco uses ICT in their business. Tesco was founded in 1924. Over the past 79 years, as the retailing market has changed, the company has grown and developed, responding to new opportunities and pioneering many innovations. Today it is Britain's leading food retailer. The founder of Tesco was Sir Jack Cohen. He used his gratuity from his Army service in the First World War to start selling groceries in London's East End markets in 1919. The brand name of Tesco first appeared on packets of tea in the 1920s. The name was based on the initials of T.E.Stockwell, a partner in the firm of tea suppliers, and the first two letters of Cohen. The first Tesco store was opened in 1929 in Burnt Oak, Edgware. Tesco has a total of 1,878 in the UK to date. 64 of which will be opened new this year. Tesco also has four main store formats these are extras, superstores, express and t&s. Tesco have an inclusive offer catering for all tastes. Over 37% of all customers buy both Finest and Value products Tesco opened in Taiwan in 2000 and, in May 2002 its first store in Malaysia in a joint venture with Sime Darby Sdn Bhd. ...read more.


Tesco as an Internet website they use for all forms of communication within the business and outside the business. The Internet allows Tesco to carry out tasks such as payrolls, business done, product scheduling and goods ordering; this speeds up the work done before. External use of ICT in Tesco Tesco need to communicate with a range of stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, government officials, suppliers and the community. A range of different external communications media is employed to communicate with these groups of people. Investors and shareholders are kept up to date with Tesco's by a number of communication methods. Company reports and documentation are sent by post and notified of any meetings taking place, which involves their presence. But ICT allows the shareholders and investors all the news they want to know about the share price, meetings and companies progress, by logging onto Tesco corporate website. This allows them to look up any thing they want to know about the company. It also shows them the financial information, sales records, and director's reports. This is a much quicker way of finding out the information than by posting the information. ...read more.


Tesco stores vary greatly in size from small Express stores to giant Hypermarkets. The product range depends on the size of the store, and varies from 2,000 lines in a small store up to about 40,000 lines in the biggest. Computerised Store Merchandising and Planning systems ensure that Tesco get the right amount of space on each shelf within a store. This allows them to get optimum sales for the space allocated to the product, and give the customer the most appropriate range of products. The benefits of ICT to Tesco are that it's improved communications, customer service, productivity and can monitor sales analysis and the effectiveness of promotions. But there can be a few problems with the use of ICT in Tesco. Faults of computers can slow down the processing systems, fraud can take place and the cost of ICT is very expensive. But Tesco has the latest ICT equipment and is not getting any major problems. There ICT system gives them the best support to meet its objectives, last year, Tesco spent about �133 million on ICT, that is about 1.4% of their turnover, this clearly shows that ICT is a great success for the company and is fit for its purpose. ICT is value for money and very effective in helping Tesco achieve its business objectives. Hailey Allen 0004 1 ICT Coursework ...read more.

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