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I am going to be looking at the Health and safety legislation and regulations that are in place that Kirklees College follow to ensure the health of all staff and students

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´╗┐Understanding Health and Safety in the workplace Unit 27 P1 Introduction In this report I am going to be looking at the Health and safety legislation and regulations that are in place that Kirklees College follow to ensure the health of all staff and students within the college. Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 When it comes to the management of health and safety at work, it is the senior management within college that are the people that implement all of the Health and Safety policies and procedures that are in place and to make sure they are being followed. The senior management have to make sure that they have all of the appropriate Health and Safety equipment available to use within the college and that is checked and replaced if necessary, this would include; fire extinguishers, fire exit signs, fire alarms, a sprinkler system, they need to make sure that they have trained staff so that they understand about health and safety and they need to provide extra training when needed. The senior management must follow the code of practice and ensure that they are making risk assessments and identifying hazards within the college. They must be recording incidents/ accidents that occur and put safety measures in place. The signage in place must be positioned in the correct places to ensure that the Health and Safety at work regulations are being followed, having them in the incorrect places could cause major problems and show that the college is not following the correct procedures and policies. ...read more.


In the class rooms the college must make sure that there are suitable workstations and seating for everyone to use to be able to work effectively and safely. All of the college should be properly maintained and everything checked on a regular basis. This means that all sockets are to be checked and not faulty, smoke alarms are checked to ensure they are definitely working because if not the staff and students could be at risk if a fire was to break out and they have no warning for the alarm. All of the doors within the college are fire doors, this means that they have a self-closer, they have metal inside and they weigh more than a normal door. They are made like this so that if a fire broke out the door would enable staff and students to have more time to exit the building because the doors will hold back the fire for a bit. Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 The Reporting on Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations are in place for the safety of staff and students. It helps for when the college undertake risk assessments. It is also a legal requirement as it helps the HSE gather information about why and how risks happen and for more serious incidents they can then investigate them. Injuries and diseases must be reported to an enforcing authority without delay if the staff member or student is off work for more than 3 consecutive days. ...read more.


Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 As staff and students need to use the computers within the college, sometimes for long periods of time so there need to be safety measures in place so they do not end up having problems such as a bad back, a bad neck and headaches. Display screen equipment regulations state that if you are using a computer for a long period of time then safety measures must be followed, this means that the college should be providing regular breaks for staff and students, the chair that they are using should be adjustable for height and the back rest, a foot rest and a wrist rest should be available and a screen filter to prevent any glare. If the college felt it was necessary then they should pay for staff to have their eyes checked regularly and even contribute to the cost of glasses. This may be included within the staff?s contract. Manual Handling Operations Regulations Manual handling regulations are in place to prevent staff from injury. The college must provide the correct training for staff so that they can lift correctly preventing any incidents. The training will cover, lifting, pulling, supporting, carrying and pushing. There is also a limit on the amount that one person can lift. Students should not be lifting heavy equipment as they are not trained to be able to do so. Staff should make sure students are not doing this and they do it as they are the ones trained. ...read more.

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