I am going to examine whether or not McDonalds has achieved their aims and objectives, and if they did how they did so. I am going to focus on their main aim and their four different objectives I picked out in an earlier task and conclude how they achieve

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Unit 1: Conclusion                                                                              Michael Peasgood



In this final task I am going to examine whether or not McDonalds has achieved their aims and objectives, and if they did how they did so. I am going to focus on their main aim and their four different objectives I picked out in an earlier task and conclude how they achieved each one. I will support each aim and objective with evidence to show if they have achieved the aim or objective, for example I will use news articles or the interview from Ian Gillies. I will also be using facts and figures from the annual report and the published financial statement to confirm their profits and income levels since they have declared their aims and objectives. I will also be analysing how the different factors have helped or hindered McDonalds in achieving their aims and objectives, for example the recession, other competitors, a change in social values, legislations, marketing activity (4 points of sale), enterprise skills and teamwork all within the organisation.

McDonald’s Main Aim  

At the start of my coursework I needed to find and introduce one of McDonald’s new aims for the year. The aim I found came straight from their annual report for the end of 2008. ‘To be the first choice when eating out’

 Evidence 1: Annual report of 2008 (year end) 

McDonalds have not quite met this aim as I feel not everyone first chooses McDonalds as a place to eat, including myself. They have not met this aim simply because there are too many other fast and convenient fast food franchises around such as Subway, KFC, Costa Coffee, Burger King and more that offer different things aspects to the world of quick, quality food. For example Costa Coffee concentrates more on the Italian food and bring some unique differences like panini’s, with very Italian ingredients such as meatballs or basil, chicken and mozzarella with balsamic vinegar. Items like these are what separate the different styles of food that these franchises sell. The reason why McDonalds has not met their aim fully is because of the different aspects of food other organisations have brought to the market. Even though McDonalds have tried to introduce many different characteristics to their food and their facilities (e.g. Wi-Fi and breakfast menu) they cannot cover all aspects of what a customer wants out of their food and experience. Possibly on a smaller scale within the fast food industry McDonalds may have fulfilled their main aim. If you look at McDonalds compared to KFC and Burger King, which are the more similar types of fast food restaurants in the market, they are all selling the traditional fries, burgers and chicken pieces. Now out of these three different fast food brands I feel that McDonalds have come out on top. McDonalds actually sell more chicken than KFC’s whole menu (which is basically all they sell) through their very famous chicken nuggets alone.

Even though the scale of McDonald’s operations is huge completely controlling the fast food market is a huge step. To obtain the whole of the fast food market McDonalds would have to cater for everyone that walks through their doors and that is most certainly their biggest task to carry out. They are moving in the right direction for this with introducing different styles of food, drink and adding attractive attributes to complete their customer’s experience. For example they have added freshly ground coffee to their menu to compete with Costa Coffees freshly ground coffee. To help with introducing the freshly ground coffee as I said before they introduced FREE Wi-Fi into their restaurants for customers, mostly who will be business people and students who are the most likely customers to be drinking coffee. This very thing could be the unique acquirement that could push aside Costa Coffees competitive edge towards McDonalds.  

Early in my coursework I found some of McDonald’s sales information on the finishing record of 2008 and recent news article on their improving sales which reflects on how many people they are attracting every day.

Evidence 2: 2008 highlights 

This financial report cover simply indicates on how large their sales revenue is, how much of that revenue was returned to shareholders through dividends and repurchases and how much their global sales had increased from last year.  Thus saying that 2008 was McDonalds best year so far so more people are going to McDonalds which also means more people making McDonalds ‘their first choice when eating out’

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Evidence 3: news article 

McDonald's U.S. Sales Sizzle, Up 4.3%

June 10, 2009

- Eric Newman

McDonald's announced today that its domestic sales
grew 4.3% at comp stores in May. The leading restaurant chain attributed the growth to the success of its breakfast menu, as well as recent menu launches like the Southern Chicken biscuit and sandwich.

The company also said its "everyday affordability" message helped drive customers to McDonald's restaurants.

"We're committed to providing our customers with compelling value, unique menu variety and unparalleled convenience," said CEO Jim Skinner, in a statement. "Our steadfast focus on the customer ...

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