I am going to see what sort of ICT help a business to run successfully in order to do this I will have to know the different types of ICT used within a business and how each department copes with ICT

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For my unit 5 coursework I am going to see what sort of ICT help a business to run successfully in order to do this I will have to know the different types of ICT used within a business and how each department copes with ICT.

ICT in a business is all about processing, storing, displaying and communicating information so within a business there are different types of ICT used for different tasks and departments and here are some examples: -

The business uses these types of ICT because the business is benefited by using them here are some examples why the business uses these types of ICT: -

* Advertisements - The business advertises on websites for several reasons. The business can advertise their products worldwide. The Internet is open 24/7 so customers can shop without leaving their homes and they can shop any time of the day. Customers can register online and the business can take the data and store it on computers.

* Stock control - Stock control is also done over ICT the machine that checks the stock has got some data stored in so if any stock is gone missing within the business then the stock control will show what item is missing and how many.

* Payment system - The payment system is also handled over computering because for security reasons so none of the money within the cashing tills goes missing. So on the tills every staff has got there own security code so they get logged on to the tills so every time the staff logs onto the cashing tills it is recorded into the data system.

* Communication - This system is also based on ICT. Internet, Intranet, extranet and e-mail are the ways to communicate in a business. Internet is a way to communicate between customers and the business. Intranet is a way to communicate between the business and the staff. Extranet is another way to communicate between the business and the staff and e-mail is to communicate within the different departments in the business or with external groups such as suppliers.

This type of ICT provision can take place in various forms such as hardware and software forms, which are: -

ICT takes place in various form for different purposes because the business have got a lot of data and the data is presented in different software's, which are more presentable then any other types of software so each data in the business is represented in a software that is mot suitable for the data. There are not only software's that are suitable for specialised data there is also hardware here are some examples for software and hardware: -


* Computers - Computers are used within a business because the computer stores all the information of the business, which is private and confidential. Computers can also have security locks and the staff members can only know the password.

* Laptops - Laptops are used within business as an alternative for computers because the staff can't carry around computers if there is an emergency so laptops are used within the business and they are also carried around with the staff incase of an emergency.

* Robots - Robots can do labour and this will be benefited towards the company because robots don't need to be paid for their work. Robots can spray paint objects, spot welding and be part of security.
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* Databases - Database software (e.g. access) is used for storing and processing data. There is plenty of ways to use this software and this software will also benefit the business. The business can store large amount of data in small spaces so that the memory of the computers/laptops will not be wasted. This software can search for data and sort out data very quickly. This data can also be shared across networks so other members of staff can also have a look at this data. In access there are some features where information can ...

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