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I am going to write about the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of the two contrasting businesses, Cadburys and the Association of Organics Recycling .

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Task 2 To: Ann Warren From: Date: 30th September 2010 Title: A report on stakeholders who influence the purpose of businesses. Introduction: I am going to write about the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of the two contrasting businesses, Cadburys and the Association of Organics Recycling . I am going to consider who the different types of stakeholders are for each of the companies that I am considering and they way in which their intrest impacts on the purpose of the businesses and how they are run. Definition of a stakeholder: A stakeholder is somebody who has an interest in the business or who are affected by the businesses actions. Who the stakeholders are and how they influcence the aims and objectives for Cadbury: Cadburys aim to increase their sales and profits and they also aim to make their business grow and they can do this by being successful. * Customers - These are the people who buy the product that Cadbury manufacture. They influence the purpose of Cadbury because they want good quality products at a reasonable price and they affect the sale incomes, if the customers are being provided with their wants then they will be satisfied with the businesses products and continue to buy from them. ...read more.


Suppliers will need to be reliable and they will need to supply and deliever good quality ingredients on a regular basis. They influence the purpose of the business because if the ingredients are not to a good standard and are low quality then the product will also be of low quality. The higher quality of ingredents the more likely it is that Cadbury will be able to manufacture the product to a good quality. If the product isn't good quality, customers will stop buying them which will decrease the sales income and Cadbury wont meet their aims and objectives. If the product is good quality however, then the customers will be satisfied and continue buying the products; increasing the sales income which helps Cadbury to meet their aims and objectives. * Employees - They are the people working for Cadbury, they are responsible for making the actual product and operating the machinery etc. They influence the purpose of the business because in their job they want; job security, they need to feel safe they have got their job permantley and they need to feel happy and safe in their work environment. ...read more.


* Employees - The people working for the organisation want to feel a sense of job security and be in a safe environment. If these needs are met then they will perform their job more effectivley which influcences the association for organics recycling organisation because they will be working to a higher standard, meaning the job will be done to a better standard. The employees have to commited and motivated to make people aware about recycling and to help increase the amount of recycling that is done and decrease the amount of energy being used. This will meet the aims and objectives that the association for organics recycling have been set. * Government - The government are a large, important group of people therefore everybody listens to them. The government already encourage organisations to recycle more and use less energy and this helps the association for organics recycling because they have another large source (the government) backing them up and helping them to promote the need for increased recycling and energy saving among the nation. This influences the purpose of the organisation and makes them more successful than they would be without the government. The government help the organisation to meet their aims and objectives, 3 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

The main stakeholders have been identified but not all of them, for instance the government are stakeholders in Cadburys. The writer has not assessed the relative importance of the stakeholders and is confused over what the association of organic recycling is about. Who actually funds it? These will be the key stakeholders

Marked by teacher David Salter 07/02/2012

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