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I have been asked to produce a business report on an organisation, I have chosen Tesco.

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Unit one Business at work Report on Tesco Introduction; I have been asked to produce a business report on an organisation. This report is to fulfil the criteria needed for completion of 'unit 1 'business at work'. The report will be split in to two sections; the first section will include the following points; o Type of ownership of the organisation o The organisational structure o Culture and communication channels that operate in the organisation o Examination is to how these factors interrelate in a way that can affect the business o Consideration of how well the business is meeting its objectives The second section of the report will include the following points; o An explanation of how quality assurance and control systems help the business and value to its products o Consideration of alternative methods of quality assurance and control o Explanation of the impact of ICT upon the internal and external communication of the business. The organisation that I am going to produce a report on is Tesco. The sources of reference that I have informed in this report are the following; o Heinemann intermediate GNVQ business text book o Heinemann AVCE business text book o www.tesco.com o Retail Week (business magazine Jan 03) Introduction of Tesco; Tesco is a massive organisation that employs over 260,000 people worldwide. They employ 195,000 people in the U.K and 65,000 people overseas. Tesco sells 40,000 food products in a super store, including clothing and other non-food products. According to the magazine 'Retail week' (Jan 03), Tesco was voted the U.K's retailing leader. It is one of Britain's longest independent retailers, with over 340 petrol stations. Tesco also offers added value to their products, they have achieved this by offering other services such as on-line shopping, and by creating their own credit card. Classification of Ownership; Tesco is a PLC, private Limited Company. For any business to become a PLC it must issue a capital of at least �50,000, and must own at least 25% ...read more.


One of their main responsibilities is to select and recruit staffs, which are most suitable for the company (i.e.) people who are likely to stay with them for a long period. They set up training and appraisal schemes; they help develop a good workforce by promoting staff, which will help motivate the company. They are also responsible for health and safety issues and other employment duties, at Tesco. Administration; deals with internal operations within the organisation (i.e.) enquires, communicating messages, producing document for the company, they also provide statistics for the company board, as well as organising training for the administration staff, as well as many other internal operations. Finance; are responsible for recording financial information, known as book keeping (i.e.) revenue earned from sales and necessary expenditure, they are also responsible for collecting financial information from other departments, to inform external bodies (i.e.) Inland Revenue which collects corporation and income tax, they are also responsible for staff wage/salaries. Research and Development; The purpose for research and development is to further the company's aims by helping Tesco create new and better products and services to meet their customer needs. How the functional areas help Tesco meets its aims; In order for the functional areas to work effectively, they must be able to communicate with each other, at Tesco some of the ways they do this is by holding regular appraisal schemes, setting up staff training events and other staff development activities, organising induction programmes to familiarise, the functional areas with Tesco methods, which keep them up to date. The functional areas at Tesco benefit from these activities, as they are able to gain experience, which makes them eligible for promotion, which gives them a chance to broaden their skills and knowledge. Tesco also benefits a lot from this, as it helps them to motivate staff which means Tesco will meet their aims/objectives allot quicker. ...read more.


Credit Card- This is a similar process however, the money is not taken from the customers account, the sale is paid for at the time. Customers may also ask for up to�50 cash back. Payment Methods; The new payment methods that have been made available thanks to 'Electronic Funds Transfer at point of Sale' (EDTOS) allows Tesco to change their customers at the point of the Sale. These payment methods have proven to be popular innovation with their customers, as it saves them the time of having to go to a cash point (ATM) or bank. IT in store Operation; Information Technology is essential for any large organisation affectively, it is used for many in store operations (E.g.) monitoring sales, ordering stock etc. Tesco sell thousands of products, therefore they use computerised merchandising systems, to order the correct products to the correct place without these type of system it would be a very long process. Goods are no longer entered manually, which means accurate pricing is guaranteed, because Tesco sell thousands of products, each item has an individual barcode usually printed somewhere on the package, this allows Tesco to monitor their stock levels, which means that once a certain amount of a particular product is sold the computer will automatically re-order the product, this is known as the 'Sales Based Order (SBO). Home Shopping; Tesco has introduce a home shopping service with the use of information technology, this enables people to order their shopping from home using the internet, this is done through a computer programme, it allows its customers to order any of the products that the particular branch sells, orders can be placed 24 hours a day, orders are delivered to the customers home. These home shopper customers have to register and are given a personal ID number, payments for shopping can be made by debit and credit cards. How The Production Process & Quality Assurance Help Tesco Add Value To Their Products/Services; ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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