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I need to prepare the job description and person specification for graduate management training placement within Kent Country Council.

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Unit 13

Task 3 (P2)

Raeya Maqbool


Prepare the job description and person specification for graduate management training placement within KCC


In this task I need to prepare the job description and person specification for graduate management training placement within Kent Country Council. I should then design the advert within the KCC. I should also investigate the advertising options available to and compile a table of these options giving advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Job Description



Internal advertising:





-When Kent Country Council needs to get an important message to a client or business associate that is located thousands of miles away, one of the fastest ways to do it is by email. The advantage email has over the telephone in communication speed is that Kent Country Council can send attachments with an email that contain important documents or even a presentation to clarify their message.

-Email is free; Kent Country Council can send as many files, messages, documents as they want without having to pay anything. It significantly reduces their shipping and postage costs.

-An email can be intercepted by a hacker or go to an incorrect email address and wind up in someone else’s inbox. Sensitive information and messages are very accessible to hackers and even unsuspecting recipients when using email.

-Important information can be lost with a simple hard-crash. If an employee store email information on another server, he/she could lose the data if that site goes down or out of business.

-Viruses are easily spread via email attachments.


-An advantage of having a website is business information and details about the services or products can be accessed by anyone.

-Users can easily access information about the business.

-Once the website is designed, company can keep it up-to-date to be relevant to the business and encourage more visitors.

-Advantage of a website in terms of advertising of a business. The ongoing costs are minimal and it’s more likely to see the value.

-A website that crashes is no good to anyone. This is a serious disadvantage for a business. Users may not be able to find information about the business.

-Things such as viruses could mean losing the site or affecting user computers while on the website.

-Internet law does not provide the same protection for copyright infringement as trade regulations. As such logos, slogans, written content, design are vulnerable in a business website.

Company magazine

-Kent Country Council’s magazine is packed with the latest news and features from across the country council.

-Allows for better targeting of audience, as the company magazine publications that provide to your specific audience or whose editorial content specializes in topics of interest to the audience.

-Kent Country Council is the largest council, many users read their magazines so more attention will be paid to the advertisement.

-There is limited flexibility in terms of ad placement and format.

-Space and ad layout costs are higher.

-It is necessary to plan and prepare advertisements months in advance of publication.

External advertising:

Newspapers, radio, poster in a window, online advertising, online shop




Online advertising

-It allows potential users to click on links to learn more about what is being advertised.

-Users can respond promptly.

-Users have also advantage of knowing more about services and company.

-The internet offers a wide range of websites on which companies can place advertisements. This can be overwhelming. With many options, it’s difficult to narrow down the choices to the websites.

-Price for advertising can be expensive, the cost of banner, text video and so on. Company can invest money but in return they do not get any profit.

-There may be technical issue occur, company may lose the opportunity to broadcast advertisements. Users can face the problem of viewing the video and browser complications.  

Online Shopping

-Kent Country Council has a range of branded merchandise.

-It is convenient for users to purchase it online.

-It saves users time.

-Kent Country Council has third party shopping keeping merchants competitive hence offering the best products and prices.

-When the users buy clothing item they don’t have ability to feel the material, try it on or how it’s made.

-There are more chances for mistakes in ordering the wrong item.

-There might be technical errors in the website, many users use online shopping, which can cause internet traffic.


-Kent Country Council has newspapers which is attractive to teenagers and adults. It includes guides to walking, cycling and horse riding.

-It allows to focus on advertising nationally or locally to match target catchment area.

-Newspaper advert appear as hard copy therefore readers can use for future reference

-Waste of ink printing

-Costs money

-Readers may not read some part of the section in newspaper, or skip the page or an article since it contained little or nothing else of interest.

Format and type of advert:

The type of advertisement will depend on the job. The advertisement will be based on the job description and person specification already produced. Vacancies for some jobs may include a lot of information including pay and conditions written into the advertisement itself.

Advertising can be expensive and take a lot of time. The cost will depend on where the vacancy is advertised. Many organisations use the same advertisement layout for every vacancy. This is very important for external advertising as it makes it easy for potential applicants to recognize a job opportunity with the organisation; for instance; the advertisement would have the company logo on it or be printed in a particular text or on a particular colour. The size of advertisement will also be important as employers or agencies pay per column centimeter in a printed newspaper. Many organisations choose to advertise all their vacancies in one place so it makes it easier for people to see how many vacancies they have at one time.

Legal considerations:

A further consideration of advertising externally is that employers must make sure that they take into account the legal implications of recruitment advertising. Such as; Race Relations Act 1992, Equal Pay Act 1970, Employment Act 2002 and so on. In order to comply with the law, external advertising must be fair and not discriminate. This means that advertising which stops equal access for everyone must be avoided-whether this is on the grounds of age, sex, race and so on. Making sure that an advertisement complies with legislation is very important. Mistakes can be costly if employers are fined as a result of it being proven that their advertisements were discriminatory. Employers need to be careful when wording advertisements to ensure that they do not contain words that may be linked to age or so on. Applicants must not be treated any differently because of their age.

Methods of application:

When an advertisement is published, the employer must clearly outline how people should apply.






Applicants write a letter about their suitability for a job and send it in to the organisation by post or tax.

Gives the organisation the ability to compare. Allows applicants to demonstrate their suitability for the job.

Applicants are likely to only show their strengths and not weaknesses. Not in a standard format. The post may take a long time or get lost. A fax can be read by others so may not be kept confidential.


Email allows applicants to send letters and CVs direct to organisations and online application forms are growing more common.

Organisations can advertise job vacancies themselves on their website for free. Can increase the number of candidates which is very useful for specialist employers. Data is sent directly into the organisation and needs little processing. Can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. People looking at company information may see the job on the off chance and apply for it. Can be accessed by people with disabilities on an equal basis.

Technical problems, e.g. the website or email not working.

Jobs advertised on the internet may receive too many applicants so employers take a long time to choose candidates.

Not everyone has access to the internet so it may reduce the number of possible applicants and may not be accessible to certain groups of people. It may be difficult to prove where the information has come from; electronic signatures can be used but are not used widely at the moment.


Applicants call a number and notes are made about them. Sometimes tests are also done on the applicants to try to work out their personality type.

Can be used for large numbers of applicants as the information can be put into a database and can be sorted.

Allows the applicant to speck to someone from the organisation and ask questions.

The telephone may be busy or engaged and good applicants never get through. It may involve using an automated service so applicants may be put off or it may not operate outside office hours.

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