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AS and A Level: ICT in Business

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Analyse different types of business information and their sources. Examples from Drayton Manor

    3 star(s)

    in the business but the disadvantage is if Drayton Manor makes decisions about the improvement of the theme park without the employee's knowledge then this can lead for the employee to resign the job. The disadvantage of using verbal information is that it's not always possible for Drayton Manor to meet in person because with the constraints of time and budgets in business. Written information: Writing is the use of physical symbols to represent words. Words are the sounds that make up speech.

    • Word count: 1041
  2. Peer reviewed

    ICT in Business

    3 star(s)

    Amazon was launched in 2000 and has taken on alliances such as 'Cars Direct', 'drugstore.com' and 'wireless phones.com' which has a connecting link to other British retail stores online. By Amazon and eBay using e commerce as source of British Retail it will enable consumers to access products a lot faster which will save time as opposed to going out and physically going to have to buy them. The benefits of using ICT within this specific area of British Retailing will enable customers to see the new ranges of products and services in which eBay and Amazon are offering.

    • Word count: 1025
  3. ICT can help a business in many ways whether it is just to type letters, send e-mails and draw up spreadsheets or to keep a record of your customers.

    Spreadsheet A spreadsheet is a computer application that simulates a paper worksheet. It displays multiple cells that together make up a grid consisting of rows and columns, each cell containing either alphanumeric text or numeric values. A spreadsheet cell may alternatively contain a formula that defines how the contents of that cell is to be calculated from the contents of any other cell (or combination of cells) each time any cell is updated. Spreadsheets are frequently used for financial information because of their ability to re-calculate the entire sheet automatically after a change to a single cell is made.

    • Word count: 1904
  4. Apple must follow many policies to keep information safe and secure from system failure and hackers. They will need to employee people to work in a security department where they keep internal and external information safe.

    Explain using the table below why your organisation may need to follow these particular policies and procedures. Policy/Procedure Why would your organisation require this policy/procedure? ? Security of Information Information security as a company is protecting internal information and information systems from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, , inspection, recording or destruction from an external source that does not have the right to do so. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_security Apple as a company will need to keep their information secure from all threats. Apple will store its own personal information as a company such as designs and ideas. It is important to secure these as losing them to another company or the public could cause major losses.

    • Word count: 1055
  5. Bitm Data architecture. In my data architecture map I have included 3 laptops, 1 per manager each protected with their own password unique to each specific user. Also included are 2 personal office computers which all 3of the managers have access to.

    * All costs are calculated and processed and sent to the secondary office pc. Manufacturing Manager's laptop * Costs of raw materials received from purchasing laptop via email and then processed to calculate the production cost per unit. * Laptop is connected to Office pc 1daily via usb cable to check ink levels, error codes if present and output. * Any maintenance invoices are entered into spreadsheets and sent via email to purchasing manager. Sales Manager's Laptop * Data from potential customers is entered into database with current customer data and is then processed.

    • Word count: 1544
  6. Communication and Presentation Techniques

    It helps us to manage our contacts, send mails quickly, maintain our mail history, store the required information, etc. * Speed: The e-mail is delivered instantly, anywhere across the globe. No other service matches the e-mail in terms of speed. * Easy to prioritize: Since the mails have subject lines, it is easy to prioritize them and ignore unwanted mails. * Reliable and secure: Constant efforts are being taken to improve the security in electronic mails. Thus making it one of the secured ways of communication.

    • Word count: 1209
  7. Free essay

    Internet and business

    Amazon is just like a store - except that it's online and the "sellers" can be any Amazon user. So it's purpose is to put all these sellers and buyers into one place so they don't have to search for items they want on Google or a specific - they can just go on Amazon, choose the cheapest price for the item they want, and order it. It's definitely got 99.9% of all retail items listed - which include Books, Movies, Music, Games, Computer stuff, Electronics, Toys, Clothing, Jewellery, and a billion other different things. In order Amazon to get a supplier for example to get a publisher to sells books, Amazon would have to use the internet to

    • Word count: 1213
  8. Investigating electronic Business

    If the item sells, you are also charged a Fee. The total cost of selling an item is the Insertion Fee plus the Final Value Fee. EBay also charges roughly 12p for adding more pictures of the product you are selling. The company's current business strategy includes increasing revenue by increasing international trade within the eBay system. * Attracting new staff EBay attracts new staff by providing good customer service, so that the website is memorable and encouraging people to visit the website again. They attract new staff by advertising on the website, and they provide information on whether they have any vacancies available or not.

    • Word count: 1330
  9. Report of a quesstionaire

    Another key point, is the font is very attractive, some text are larger in order for it to stand out, for example the title "Questionnaire", this makes it clear that it is in fact a questionnaire. Weaknesses of Draft 1 The placement of my contact details does not look professional, on the example questionnaire, the contact details are on the top, and this makes it look very professional. Another weakness is that since there is no background colour, the questionnaire looks very dull.

    • Word count: 1058
  10. Free essay

    Business uses of technology

    Video Conferencing Is a way of being able to talk to somebody and being able to see them when they are potentially thousands of miles away. The audience of which video conferencing can be appropriate are board meeting between directors of the company located in different countries. Video conferencing will be used to interview somebody applying for a job abroad, it will save the business money on having to fly someone over for interview and it will be appropriate for both parties to video conference.

    • Word count: 1004
  11. investagating business

    Sainsbury's was found in1869 by john James and Mary Ann Sainsbury. They opened their first small diary shop at 173 dury lane, soon it become popular due to high quality products at low prices and then they opened few more branches in London. A large Sainsbury's supermarket offers around 30,000 - 50% of these are Sainsbury own brand including fresh products. Secondly I have also chosen Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce is a public Limited Company. To become a public limited company.

    • Word count: 1899
  12. investigating business

    Gross Profit Margin The gross profit margin ratio tells us the profit a business makes on its cost of sales, or cost of goods sold. It is a very simple idea and it tells us how much gross profit per �1 of turnover businesses earn. Gross profit x 100 = Gross Profit Margin Sales 02/03 01/02 441.0 x 100 = 24.6% 466.3 x 100 = 23.1% 1,794.1 2,014.3 In 01/02 the Whitbread plc's gross profit was 23.1% and their following year it was 24.6%.

    • Word count: 1538
  13. aims and objectives of bussiness

    This may mean expanding by opening other branches or buying out a competitor. Service Provision- this may mean offering a new service or improving current service to attract more customers, such as businesses which expand their website to allow customers to order and pay for goods online and track deliveries. Market Shares- lots of businesses have a constant aim of growing their market share this normally means taking business away from their competitors. Private sector has aim to increase their market share such as solicitors and manufactures. Developing Relationship with other businesses- this may involve joint initiatives to offer goods or services to more people.

    • Word count: 1378
  14. Free essay

    Business Information Systems Assignment

    Departmentation & Types of Management After closely analysing the department structures of Dale Farm, I have identified the most common form of departmentation as functional. The reason for choosing functional is that most of the departments within Dale Farm below the Managing Director, clearly demonstrate a unique functional area of their own although yet also demonstrate strategic and tactical management: * Production: This department deals exclusively with production of the Dale Farm products with a tactical management structure of managers, supervisors and the workers.

    • Word count: 1991
  15. Logbook activity - discrete and continuous data

    There are many examples of this type of data another one is world population and this is rounded up to the nearest 100,000. A frequency distribution is used when there is a large set of data involved. It groups data into classes (intervals and categories). An example of this will be where ages of a sample will be broken down from single values into groups such as 15-20 and under and 20-25 and under. A frequency distribution will usually be constructed into a graph using a histogram (as it is continuous data).

    • Word count: 1205
  16. Primary Types of Diversity.

    Primary Types of Diversity Diversity is a source of opportunity to grow in size, geographically or by employment. Diversity in a company has pros and cons; if managed correctly it can be one of the best cons there is. There are many different types of diversity in a company and in many companies' employees who speak multiple languages has improved customer service. When one first thinks about diversity, they usually think the basic race, gender, age, etc., but what about lifestyles or family status?

    • Word count: 1963
  17. Can a machine know?

    Machines are capable of replicating information that has been stored in their memory, thus, it could be said that machines know the facts and are skilled to utilize them, as in authentication schemes in computerized systems where password input is matched with the password stored in the memory. Facts can be imputed in machines by altering them into a digital form and since knowledge can change on acquirement of new facts, they can be continuously entered into the machines. For instance, if we consider a situation whereby a student is performing a test, when the student identifies the problem which he/she might have come across earlier, the student would claim that he/she knows.

    • Word count: 1583
  18. ICT: Long Project Analysis - Travel Agency

    the files in the filing cabinets have to be gone through o As time goes by, the filing cabinets get filled up as records of processed holidays are still kept for reference. There isn't much space left to keep on buying filing cabinets. o If information on a holiday is misplaced in a filing cabinet, it takes a long time to search all of the filing cabinets and by the time it is found, the customer is gone. o Staffs have to look through the cabinet to see which destinations are available to tell customers.

    • Word count: 1940
  19. Small Business (Barbershop)

    Smart Objective Bush barbers have setup a smart objective lately. The aim is saving over �100 on washing towels within 3months * Specific: knowing exactly what to do (buying cheaper washing material) * Measurable: by calculating weekly how much money spent on washing * Achievable: because its not a lot of money * Realistic - because it relates to their business * Time constrained - within 3months The activities that the shop does enables it to reach its main aim, and that is the maximising of the profits. e.g. nail care.

    • Word count: 1055
  20. Economic Changes That Affect Richer Sounds

    Cash flow is money coming in (revenue) and going out (cost) of the business which is also known as accounting. The finance department checks the money paid to other departments in the business, shareholders and suppliers. A budget will be set for each other departments meaning how much they can spend. They also check on things such as sales in and out of the business. This is to make sure the business and the customers are satisfied with the prices of the products. They pay the suppliers (providers)

    • Word count: 1367
  21. BTEC National Diploma in Business

    The working capital position for White's accounts show a clear positive management of money going out of the business and money coming in. The total current assets that the business has include the following: Total current assets - �7,100 - Stock - Debtors - Cash Liabilities/outflows - �4,440 - Creditors - Overdraft Current assets MINUS Current liabilities = �2,660 The above figures shows that the business has a reasonable amount of money going out, and the total current assets are greater than the outflows of the business.

    • Word count: 1495
  22. Critique of Klemperer's 'Auction Design'

    I think this is true because as human psychology goes, humans (generally speaking), tend to handle things better if they come in small increments, using the purchase of a house as an example, one would be somewhat 'overwhelmed' at seeing a price tag of $1,000,000 for a house. However, instead of selling a house straight off a price-tag, if the auction method was taken, bidding might start at say $200,000, which sounds incredibly cheap. After that, the auction could rise in very small increments, say $3,000, which wouldn't be very over-whelming for the human mind to take in.

    • Word count: 1571
  23. report for ICT systems used in diffrent working styles

    How they use this technology? The technology is used in many ways to help businesses run, here are some of the jobs the laptops do- Wireless local area networks are used on laptops which sends electromagnetic waves rather than wires to transmit data between devices making it easier to use, Wireless area network using WiMAX is a developing technology that provides broadband connectivity on laptops, emailing to send information or requests to other workers, internet for research and emailing, databases to store mailing list of customers for work.

    • Word count: 1747
  24. the dragons den

    Richard plays chess as a hobby, and is an internationally ranked player who has represented Bermuda and Monaco at the chess Olympics. Richard is a new dragon who joined this series. He is an Australian multi millionaire and has possibly invested in more new UK companies than any other British investor. When he invests in a firm he checks the technology, the competition, customer endorsements and management teams. Richard says: "What's exciting about Dragons' Den is the opportunity to come into contact with new entrepreneurs with innovative fresh ideas and hopefully uncover the next big thing!"

    • Word count: 1936
  25. Can a machine know?

    Even though computers are designed to identify patterns from stored information and make choices, however this does not require thinking. For example, machines which play chess which have been encoded to detect any move that can be made in a game that we thought was one of the heights of human intelligence. The world champion of chess Kasparov lost his sixth consecutive game to an IBM computer called Deep Blue in 1997. However one can argue that the computer has been programmed by some of the greatest minds of the world, and with this it can process this information enough

    • Word count: 1283

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  • "In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through which one perceives the world." Discuss and evaluate this claim.

    "In conclusion, each individual in this universe perceives things differently because everyone has different capabilities in their senses on how they can interpret things using their senses. In order to understand and find out how things really are in this world, we have to be able to differentiate with our minds what is right from what is wrong, meaning what is real and what is deceiving. We must recognize what information we are gathering and how we interpret them within our minds, whether we want to reduce the amount of information that is given to us or whether we want to overcrowd our brain with unnecessary information. Our senses can clearly deceive and trick us (optical illusions or hallucinations), but when a person is experienced and know how to differentiate reality and fantasy, then they are considered to be open minded and will know how things really are in our universe and how we perceive things. "If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thru' chinks of his cavern." William Blake (1757 - 1827)"

  • Some managers believe the most effective means of increasing productivity in a business is to increase the wage of the employees. Discuss this view.

    "In conclusion, increasing the wages of employees can be effective in increasing productivity but may not be the most efficient method as it can have its problems and drawbacks therefore other methods should be considered by a business wanting to increase productivity. In my opinion I think that both financial and non-financial techniques should be used side by side to increase the productivity levels of a business and if a business is seriously looking into increasing their productivity by large amounts it should look into escalating productivity through its capital. Claire Newby, Business Studies."

  • This report will compare two standard business documents from three business organisations.

    "Final conclusion. 12 Good points 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 Improvements 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 Introduction. 2 Layout 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 Low Fell Removals -Business card. 3 Low Fell Removals letterhead 10 Target audience 2, 3, 6, 9, 10 The purpose 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 The target audience. 5 Use of language 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10"

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