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AS and A Level: ICT in Business

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  1. Report of a quesstionaire

    Another key point, is the font is very attractive, some text are larger in order for it to stand out, for example the title "Questionnaire", this makes it clear that it is in fact a questionnaire. Weaknesses of Draft 1 The placement of my contact details does not look professional, on the example questionnaire, the contact details are on the top, and this makes it look very professional. Another weakness is that since there is no background colour, the questionnaire looks very dull.

    • Word count: 1058
  2. Free essay

    Business uses of technology

    Video Conferencing Is a way of being able to talk to somebody and being able to see them when they are potentially thousands of miles away. The audience of which video conferencing can be appropriate are board meeting between directors of the company located in different countries. Video conferencing will be used to interview somebody applying for a job abroad, it will save the business money on having to fly someone over for interview and it will be appropriate for both parties to video conference.

    • Word count: 1004
  3. Access to computing

    The technology meets the user requirements and exceeds them in some cases. There is also clear upgrade possibilities which will help to keep the system up to date and current. The system will not be difficult to build because it is a small office network. This will inevitably have teething issues at the start but I am sure that the professionals who will be contracted to set up the network will be able to overcome these problems and have the network running efficiently.

    • Word count: 6885
  4. Business options

    Also when someone has access to your computer they can use your computer to send fake e-mails, monitor your key strokes and attack other computers. A lot of hackers utilise other people's computers and internet connection so that they can attempt to hack into high profile systems such as government organisations. This allows them to hide their location and identity. Some hackers just want to monitor your actions on your computer and others intend to cause damage by reformatting your hard drive or editing your files.

    • Word count: 6861
  5. Business Internet marketing

    The 7P's are simply a guideline for business to follow to become more successful. The Internet helps support the &P's very successfully and plays a huge part in many businesses success. Product Product is the combination of goods and services that are offered to the target consumers. For example Apple offers a range of iPod products along with the iTunes service. The two aspects together make up the product being offered to the consumer. How The Internet Supports Products Of The 7P's The internet supports products in many different ways.

    • Word count: 5916
  6. investagating business

    Sainsbury's was found in1869 by john James and Mary Ann Sainsbury. They opened their first small diary shop at 173 dury lane, soon it become popular due to high quality products at low prices and then they opened few more branches in London. A large Sainsbury's supermarket offers around 30,000 - 50% of these are Sainsbury own brand including fresh products. Secondly I have also chosen Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce is a public Limited Company. To become a public limited company.

    • Word count: 1899
  7. investigating business

    Gross Profit Margin The gross profit margin ratio tells us the profit a business makes on its cost of sales, or cost of goods sold. It is a very simple idea and it tells us how much gross profit per �1 of turnover businesses earn. Gross profit x 100 = Gross Profit Margin Sales 02/03 01/02 441.0 x 100 = 24.6% 466.3 x 100 = 23.1% 1,794.1 2,014.3 In 01/02 the Whitbread plc's gross profit was 23.1% and their following year it was 24.6%.

    • Word count: 1538
  8. Electronic business

    Personally, I would consider a website for Istanbul Grill but not for customers to order food online, just for them to have a menu online and maybe place a catering order online for people who want Istanbul grill to cater for their party. The factors influencing a business when deciding to set up their website are things such as * Customer trend. * Costs - costs include the cost for hosting, the design of the site, the domain name, training staff, equipment, payment for advertising, security and internet access.

    • Word count: 676
  9. Free essay

    customer service

    By this method the organization will know their staff is happy or not to work in this organization. ESOL student: I have chosen questionnaire for ESOL student. Through the answers given on the questionnaire we are able to monitor their progress and they can also tell us about the recommendations of the course. We can use this data to evaluate to help the students get better grades and also to use the recommendation given to improve the course. Reason: The questionnaire helps the organisation to monitor what their customers think of their customer services.

    • Word count: 961
  10. aims and objectives of bussiness

    This may mean expanding by opening other branches or buying out a competitor. Service Provision- this may mean offering a new service or improving current service to attract more customers, such as businesses which expand their website to allow customers to order and pay for goods online and track deliveries. Market Shares- lots of businesses have a constant aim of growing their market share this normally means taking business away from their competitors. Private sector has aim to increase their market share such as solicitors and manufactures. Developing Relationship with other businesses- this may involve joint initiatives to offer goods or services to more people.

    • Word count: 1378
  11. Free essay

    Business Information Systems Assignment

    Departmentation & Types of Management After closely analysing the department structures of Dale Farm, I have identified the most common form of departmentation as functional. The reason for choosing functional is that most of the departments within Dale Farm below the Managing Director, clearly demonstrate a unique functional area of their own although yet also demonstrate strategic and tactical management: * Production: This department deals exclusively with production of the Dale Farm products with a tactical management structure of managers, supervisors and the workers.

    • Word count: 1991
  12. Logbook activity - discrete and continuous data

    There are many examples of this type of data another one is world population and this is rounded up to the nearest 100,000. A frequency distribution is used when there is a large set of data involved. It groups data into classes (intervals and categories). An example of this will be where ages of a sample will be broken down from single values into groups such as 15-20 and under and 20-25 and under. A frequency distribution will usually be constructed into a graph using a histogram (as it is continuous data).

    • Word count: 1205
  13. Free essay

    Evaluation of my database

    Below is the three tables and how they were laid out: I was glad to see that the data base worked extremely well and that importing the text file data was reasonably easy. The Queries was another part of the database that worked well it was rather easy to create the queries and once they where created they ran pretty smoothly. I used reports for my recommendations section to help identify trends this section was slightly more difficult but after a bit of help I got them to run smoothly as well.

    • Word count: 481
  14. Online Business

    It also enables company's brand/logo to be widely recognised worldwide. To grow in size - a local shop is only likely to sell to people who live nearby. Having an online presence enables small business to sell to everyone, regardless of they live. This means that the business's sales are likely to increase, and with the extra money made, the owner could expand the business - either by buying new shops or by increasing the range of goods/services sold. Having an online business also enables small business to be able to compete with their competitors e.g.

    • Word count: 7481
  15. Business Online

    Now a global leader in online grocery sales, it owns a 38% stake in US grocery chain Safeway's grocery works. Pictured is the present view of Tesco's web page. As you can see they are promoting their services by advertising them on its web page, there are of sub headings on the bottom of the screen. Across the page there are headings leading/linking to other products and information about Tesco plc. Majority of the businesses are in trading to make a profit, they're known to be in the 'private sector', most of these organisations have set an online presence on the Internet.

    • Word count: 4548
  16. Primary Types of Diversity.

    Primary Types of Diversity Diversity is a source of opportunity to grow in size, geographically or by employment. Diversity in a company has pros and cons; if managed correctly it can be one of the best cons there is. There are many different types of diversity in a company and in many companies' employees who speak multiple languages has improved customer service. When one first thinks about diversity, they usually think the basic race, gender, age, etc., but what about lifestyles or family status?

    • Word count: 1963
  17. Free essay

    Managing information

    such as: * Primary research * Secondary research * Qualitative * Quantitative * Internal data * External data Research can be done in two ways Qualitative and Quantities and they are both very useful and both produce accurate information depending on subject: * Qualitative information- this can not be interpreted in numbers and informs business originations bout the opinions and preferences of individuals. This is like primary research, qualitative research allows a person to investigate in their own style and gain the results which is to the subject at the present time and not something which was done before for another purpose.

    • Word count: 5930
  18. Free essay

    Evaluate the advantage to an organisation of employing suitable people to communicate information

    A suitable person in Mark and Spencer will consider all age, gender and ethnicity, including religions. The advantage of having a mentally strong person and also hardworking will mean that this employer is fulfilling his tasks and objectives in Mark and Spencer. They are doing all work at there maximum performance and high potential. Having a person with great motivation in Mark and Spencer is good for the organisation. This is because the person will bring good practice in the work environment with staffs. An Mark and Spencer employee that can communicate in a formal language will show the company's respect and politeness.

    • Word count: 943
  19. Analysis of The Cadbury company.

    Cadbury has a wide range of products. There biggest selling product is Cadbury Dairy Milk. Cadbury dairy milk was introduced in the early 1900's and it immediately became the market leader. It is still the top selling brand in the UK. As an international brand Cadbury carries the same image all over the world. All the packages are the same just in different languages. Cadbury's slogan "glass and a half of full cream milk in every half pound" has been Britain's all time great in advertising.

    • Word count: 4762
  20. Free essay

    Ict - unit 2A

    The most important reason why this company uses email is to communicate and also because that email allows them to keep a record of all the communications both within the company and with their customers because paper-based communications can sometimes be lost. Although email is the main form of communication at Leisure II but there are other methods of communication in the company and those are the telephone systems. They have two main systems a digital landline system which keeps a log of all the calls and a company mobile phone which is only used for verbal communication.

    • Word count: 3001
  21. Human resources

    They find market opportunities that others may have ignored, and form a vision of how to take advantage of these opportunities. They position themselves well in markets that are shifting or are unexploited. They accurately predict the direction of markets which are moving and then prepare to serve those markets before others are ready to do so. The Nature of Entrepreneurship Today's changing environment demands that organisations and their managers must become accustomed and renew themselves continually to ultimately succeed.

    • Word count: 8482
  22. In this assignment I have to the planning and implementation issues a business will need to consider in order to go online four businesses have been chosen and used as examples

    For a company like this the target audience would be of adults. When creating a website for this company you need to include such information as the make of the car, special features, prices for the car and use special offers to attract the customers, planning of the journey and the time period as such and finally customer support just in case the customer would like to give some feedback or is having trouble as such. When running a website you need a 24 hour watch on the website for updates which need to be included such as new offers and for this you need to employee computer engineers and for doing

    • Word count: 910
  23. Business Operations

    2. Describe the Service-Product Bundle of Southwest Airlines and discuss how customers can evaluate it. Hill (1993, p.117) in his book, 'The essence of operations management' states that "A service comprises four distinct facets, separating out these different parts will help check specifications, set standards and ensure control takes place" The product service bundle for Southwest Airlines include supporting facilities, the physical goods, information, the sensual service and the physiological service I will now discuss each and show how customers can evaluate each segment Supporting Facilities - These consist of the main physical resources within the company and they must be in place before any service can be offered, features to be determined within Southwest Airlines include exterior design, interior appointment, layout, supporting equipment, the airport the planes are using and also the planes themselves.

    • Word count: 3616
  24. Free essay

    GNVQ intermediate ict unit 7

    What points do you need to take into consideration? The points that need to be taking into consideration are first time buyers, pictures of different type of cars for different audiences e.g. people who like sporty cars, cars that are for cru zing, off road cars etc. What information do you need to include? The information that I need to include was pictures of cars, information about the cars and the BMW headquarters. How We Worked As a Group Include the following points and evidence Meetings (agendas and minutes)

    • Word count: 740
  25. Can a machine know?

    Machines are capable of replicating information that has been stored in their memory, thus, it could be said that machines know the facts and are skilled to utilize them, as in authentication schemes in computerized systems where password input is matched with the password stored in the memory. Facts can be imputed in machines by altering them into a digital form and since knowledge can change on acquirement of new facts, they can be continuously entered into the machines. For instance, if we consider a situation whereby a student is performing a test, when the student identifies the problem which he/she might have come across earlier, the student would claim that he/she knows.

    • Word count: 1583

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