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AS and A Level: ICT in Business

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  1. make or buy desions within dyson

    As the number of outsourced components, services, and technologies increases, so does the importance of procurement. With this new emphasis on outsourcing non-critical functions comes a new focus on partnering. Reducing the number of different suppliers and entering into longer-term commitments with specific relationship investments is becoming the norm. But it is vital that companies develop ways of measuring the results of these partnering relationships. Assessing the economic value of the purchasing function's contribution to the company's mission is instrumental in evaluating supply strategies. Any purchasing department or team as well as the Dyson ltd should be proactive, being proactive means anticipating the future.

    • Word count: 2253
  2. ICT: Long Project Analysis - Travel Agency

    the files in the filing cabinets have to be gone through o As time goes by, the filing cabinets get filled up as records of processed holidays are still kept for reference. There isn't much space left to keep on buying filing cabinets. o If information on a holiday is misplaced in a filing cabinet, it takes a long time to search all of the filing cabinets and by the time it is found, the customer is gone. o Staffs have to look through the cabinet to see which destinations are available to tell customers.

    • Word count: 1940
  3. Strategic Management of Ebay

    Whitman from a professional perspective implemented a focus on gathering and analyzing data in order to make capital investment decisions. eBay went public in 1998 with its stock tripling in value before the end of its first full day of trading. In the third quarter of 2004, eBay's net revenue exceeded $800,000,000.00. Not bad for a 9 year return on investment. During its yearly years, eBay's revenue was mostly from collectibles (true garage sale style). Post Whitman's entry, eBay has capitalized on product diversification by opening other product categories and specialty sites (e.g.

    • Word count: 2823
  4. Consulted Magna with Recommendations

    We have identified two issues with Magna, for which we have derived several alternatives. One issue is Quality Control (QC) in Magna's systems, which is due to organizational structure when dealing with QC. Another issue that Magna is currently experiencing is the increasing pressures to unionize their employees. Magna's current QC procedure will be discussed, followed by an analysis of Magna's two key issues we have identified including alternatives that we propose. Current Quality Control Process In order to properly asses the current situation with the QC processes an employee of Magna directly involved with such issues was interviewed.

    • Word count: 2887
  5. Concepts & Principles of International Management - Management Style Manual & Survival Guide for Working and Living in Spain

    Today, university education is common and it is less usual than in former times for family members to work in a family business. International management and estimation of cultural differences among countries is inevitable. It provides individuals with the ability to communicate efficaciously with suppliers, business associates, customers and partners in other countries, hence creating an effective working climate when groups are not similar in their cultural perspective. Appropriate and effective business etiquette in Spain can only be efficiently applied through an apprehension of this well-developed and highly elaborate culture.

    • Word count: 4944
  6. the different sections of a business plan

    I did some research into business plans (see appendix one) and companies that design them for other businesses and discovered that the content may be slightly different depending on the type of business but it usually just all the same information just varied for different businesses and presented in a different structure. Preliminary Information This is normally just the general background information of the business and covers things such as the name, size, location etc.

    • Word count: 590
  7. Richer Sounds Customer Service

    the company, because they will be getting continuous new customers, that is if the customers are fully satisfied with the quality of goods and services. Customer service is the methods used by a firm to deliver the product or service wants or needs. It includes after-sales service or support customer, it also describes the extent to which businesses satisfy their customers. There are two main types of customers involved and they r put into two simple classes, Internal and External: Internal customers- A lot of businesses have different departments or sections specially designed to work as internal customers.

    • Word count: 2110
  8. Small Business (Barbershop)

    Smart Objective Bush barbers have setup a smart objective lately. The aim is saving over �100 on washing towels within 3months * Specific: knowing exactly what to do (buying cheaper washing material) * Measurable: by calculating weekly how much money spent on washing * Achievable: because its not a lot of money * Realistic - because it relates to their business * Time constrained - within 3months The activities that the shop does enables it to reach its main aim, and that is the maximising of the profits. e.g. nail care.

    • Word count: 1055
  9. Economic Changes That Affect Richer Sounds

    Cash flow is money coming in (revenue) and going out (cost) of the business which is also known as accounting. The finance department checks the money paid to other departments in the business, shareholders and suppliers. A budget will be set for each other departments meaning how much they can spend. They also check on things such as sales in and out of the business. This is to make sure the business and the customers are satisfied with the prices of the products. They pay the suppliers (providers)

    • Word count: 1367
  10. Amazon Case Analysis

    Develop a plan that will maximize Amazon's ability to license its patented 1-Click technology 7. Continue to cut costs and reduce inventories by partnering with more companies I. The Company's Current Objectives and Current Strategy Amazon's current objectives include: 1. Continue to grow the company and capture a larger market share of the online retail business. 2. Become a more consistent moneymaker in the immediate, intermediate, and long-term time frames to ease investor concerns. 3. Reinforce Amazon.com's motto of offering the earth's largest selection. 4. Develop an effective differentiating enterprise strategy to survive against aggressive competition.

    • Word count: 4509
  11. Le Carolo Business

    About 10-15 people go in to Le Carolo and they each spend about �150 each although some people do spend a lot in there like a �1000 for wedding for example but also some people don't spend as much, only �50 The sandwich shop go gourmet opened in March 2007.It is a lunch/snack shop and its target market is everyone because it a lot less cheaper than the other 2 business's as it serves up less expensive food that everyone enjoys such as sandwiches and crisps etc.

    • Word count: 840
  12. BTEC National Diploma in Business

    The working capital position for White's accounts show a clear positive management of money going out of the business and money coming in. The total current assets that the business has include the following: Total current assets - �7,100 - Stock - Debtors - Cash Liabilities/outflows - �4,440 - Creditors - Overdraft Current assets MINUS Current liabilities = �2,660 The above figures shows that the business has a reasonable amount of money going out, and the total current assets are greater than the outflows of the business.

    • Word count: 1495
  13. Business Coursework

    My idea My idea is that a cinema should be opened up in Bur Dubai. At the moment the nearest cinema is the Grand Cineplex beside Wafi. This cinema can sometimes be inaccessible due to the heavy traffic along the Road. Also if you use the toll road on Garhoud Bridge this will either require a salik tag or if going by taxi will incur a further 4dhs for the privilege. At the moment there is a Cinema in Bur Dubai called Plaza but only shows low budget films. It is located near the Bus station and opposite Carrefour.

    • Word count: 897
  14. E-commerce in Business Companies of Bangladesh.

    Today, several business applications are being developed on/for the Internet. Since the Net has the capability to bring together, individuals and corporate that are geographically apart, it has opened up an enormous opportunity of doing business transactions between such physically distant entities. This new business paradigm that is fast emerging is better known as "E-Commerce" In Bangladesh, e-commerce is just evolving, but the ball has been set rolling for an Internet revolution. E-commerce is no longer a luxury but a reality2. In the year 1990, there were about 1000pc sold in the country but it raised more than one lakh.

    • Word count: 9841
  15. Critique of Klemperer's 'Auction Design'

    I think this is true because as human psychology goes, humans (generally speaking), tend to handle things better if they come in small increments, using the purchase of a house as an example, one would be somewhat 'overwhelmed' at seeing a price tag of $1,000,000 for a house. However, instead of selling a house straight off a price-tag, if the auction method was taken, bidding might start at say $200,000, which sounds incredibly cheap. After that, the auction could rise in very small increments, say $3,000, which wouldn't be very over-whelming for the human mind to take in.

    • Word count: 1571
  16. Advantages and Disadvantages of e-commerce in terms of easyjet

    difficult when delivering orders to customers within a reasonable time period The ability to buy as well as sell goods on the internet Quality- online products should be equal in standard to the offline products Being faster than traditional retailing Expensive to set up e-commerce systems Cost savings on marketing and promotion, e.g. producing fewer flyers Risk of fraud Offering more choice than traditional retailing Establishing better customer and supplier relationships Advantages and Disadvantages of e-commerce E-commerce is economical. Unlike the brick and mortar environment, in e-commerce there is no physical store space.

    • Word count: 2530
  17. 2. Investigate the role of management in improving business performance.

    This is particularly true in a business like Boots, which has a very large amount of employees which they need to keep happy which will hopefully result in them being retained. Deploying human resources effectively is vital to Boots for several reasons: > The business needs to employ the right number of staff. If it has too many employees it is not cost effective and if it has too few then it will not be able to carry out all of its work > The business needs to have a stable workforce.

    • Word count: 2792
  18. 3. Consider the management of resources

    By Recycling merchandise, they made donations to over 2,000 community-based projects last year. > Plant & Machinery - like the premises, it is crucial that these are maintained well. Not just for the superficial exterior but for the actual quality of the machinery to ensure that everything is working to its best ability and is keeping output high. > Equipment - Equipment can include things such as I.T resources i.e. computers. Computers are crucial in boots, they are the brain of a company and without it they would seriously struggle. Therefore as part of physical resource management, computers should be regularly checked to make sure they are up to date and are running efficiently.

    • Word count: 4035
  19. 1. Explore the role of management in achieving organisational aims and objectives.

    into the business was spent well on keeping the family going and also contributing a large amount of money to charity, the main example being Jesse Boot contributing funds to the rebuilding of the Albert hall. The company also began to expand beyond herbal remedies and charity work and went into the bookkeepers market. The first circulating libraries in the UK were formed during the mid-eighteenth century and allowed books to be borrowed for a specified loan period after payment of a subscription.

    • Word count: 6028
  20. How is multimedia used for communication?

    how many people can fit in their football stadium, how much annual revenue the club achieves. If time was not a limitation I would have included more slides, and videos of the actual club in play in the slideshow. 2) What is your layout plan for your slideshow presentation? I plan to present my slideshow with a mixture of writing and text this is to provide the viewer the contrast between the photo and the text. The information I will use is from my own personal knowledge regarding the club and accurate information which will be accessed from the internet from yahoo and the official club site which is manchesterunited.com which will provide me with various sources of information.

    • Word count: 828
  21. Free essay

    business soletradors

    I will be located in Slough. Ownership Ownership I have decided to be a sole trader because firstly it's easy to set up and run. It is easy to set up because the money used to set up the business comes from two sources. The first being the sole trador putting in their own savings, the second being, the sole trador borrowing money form a bank or from family and close friends. The money can be repaid with interest over a period of time.

    • Word count: 4940
  22. interview questions

    4. What happens when new members join? When a new member wants to join I have to fill in the appropriate information in an index card and then put this information in the filing cabinet for the members in alphabetical order so it is easier for me to search. 5. What happens when someone rents a video? For loans, when a member wants to rent out a video I have to right the video he has rented out, what

    • Word count: 675
  23. project overview

    Another problem is that Mr Patel will have about 1 member joining his shop everyday, and about 250 videos rented out every day, this could mean that all the paper can get used up in a few weeks, which would mean that it would cost the business to buy paper regularly. This could be very costly to the business. Another problem is that it is very time consuming for Mr Patel to look up all the records of the members, which have rented out the videos.

    • Word count: 841
  24. Business planning

    Expanding my exposure by given out leaflets and introducing the restaurant to people that have not discovered it, this will allow me to maintain above average profits. The location of my business will be Homerton High Street. The reason why I chose this location is because it is the same street as my house and there's less competition for Nigerian food. Keemto will penetrate the consumer markets by developing a drive thru facilities. In addition to providing a quality product and an extensive menu of delicious items, to ensure customer awareness and loyalty, as well as good publicity coverage and media support, I will be donating up to 5% of revenue to local charities based upon customer choices.

    • Word count: 10247
  25. Departments in Reuters

    They protect information so customers have confidence in the privacy of their business dealings. Reuters staff is also protected in order to keep Reuters running efficiently. Human Resources This information was given to me by Collette Ryan, head of Human Resources. Human resources aims are: - To manage existing staff. - To deal with managing potential staff. The department also deals with existing staff by managing wages and also by promoting those who work to the highest standard. Human resources also deal with complaints against staff, whether it is from a customer or a fellow worker.

    • Word count: 793

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