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AS and A Level: ICT in Business

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  1. Report on Conference Facilities, ICT And Equipment for a Hotel.

    Projection stands 2. Remote control for projectors 3. Screens 4. Video equipment: VHS, DVD, teleconferencing Microphones 5. Radio 6. Computer/ Laptops 7. Auxiliary equipment: laser pointers, flip charts, slide trays 8. Lighting 9. Loudspeakers LCD projector An LCD projector is a type of video projector for displaying videos, images or computer data on a screen or other flat surface. The Seatown Hotel could use this to train staff or to rent out to businesses using the conference centre at the hotel. An advantage of an LCD projector is that it enables a lot of people to see something from a distance.

    • Word count: 1481
  2. Electronic and Non-electronic communication withyoung , old and deaf audience

    INFORMAL/FORMAL Presentations should be formal but for a young audience it can be informal to make the atmosphere less intense but instead light and casual to keep the audience relaxed and engaged. SHORT SENTENCES Short sentences are useful when presenting to a young audience as it makes the information easy to remember and less boring for the audience. Communicators need to be able to adapt to the manner of communication to suit a variety of different audiences the information is provided for.

    • Word count: 1461

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