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AS and A Level: ICT in Business

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  1. Free essay

    business cw

    I will run the business as a sole trader/ proprietor I will run the business under this set up as I want to have complete control over finance, decision making and overall design of the business. It is important I produce a business plan because I gain start up fianc� to get my business going I will need to persuade the bank to loan me the capital. I will asking the bank for a long term loan the amount will be specified later on in the plan.

    • Word count: 2175
  2. a detailed business proposal for a new business in the east London area.

    It would be successful because there is very little competition. There are a lot of shops that sell junk food but I want to sell healthy food to my Potential customers. My business aims and objectives will be to create a successful business and to breakeven and make some profit. My main objectives are to stop kids from eating junk food and becoming obese and the only that will happen is if kids start eating healthily. Another objective of mine is to start making kids have breakfast since 4 out 10 miss breakfasts everyday and yet that is the most important meal of the day.

    • Word count: 1534
  3. Wal Mart Supply Chain Management

    Its supply chain management is backed by the need to meet the demands of customers while reducing costs. The company's success is its ability "to offer a vast range of products at the lowest costs in the shortest possible time. It was all made possible due to Wal-Mart's highly automated distribution centers, which significantly reduced shipping cost and time, and its computerized inventory system, which speeded up the checking out time and recording of transactions (ICFAI 2004)." Flow of Materials to Wal-Mart Wal-Mart's objective was to reduce its purchasing costs and offer the best prices to its customers.

    • Word count: 1923
  4. "Customer Research"

    Please, would you help by completing this questionnaire? * Please tick boxes appropriately. * All answers will be treated confidentially. 1) Circle your gender: Male / Female 2) Age Group: 3) How often do you go to a Caf�? 4) What is the maximum amount you would pay for an hourly rate of fast internet usage? 5) How much time would you stay on the internet caf�, per session? 6) Using a scale of 1 to 5 (with five being the maximum score)

    • Word count: 1261
  5. "Choice of Business"

    * As well as local factors, there are also national factors that also need to be thought about. Some of them imply success; nations now drink more coffee than ever and some need internet more than ever. -Analysis: * Our Chester research revealed the coffee shop where I was in, was very popular (footfall was high and people from all sexes and ages were costumers) 37 costumers in half-hour. The shop had to be tidy and organized to be attractive, its location wasn't perfect, but was good enough to catch a good area-radius. (Close to Virgin and several other clothes shops).

    • Word count: 865
  6. Skypac business report

    1.4- SWOT analysis Strength * Use of private business/VIP terminals * 24 hour service * Aircraft available worldwide. * Relationships, some of Australia's most successful corporations having trusted as their flight agent Weaknesses * Undifferentiated services to competitors * Limited budget. * The lack of a new service * Based in New South Wales Opportunities * Moving into new market segments that offer improved profits such as commercial airline and cargo services * A new international market. For example, emerging markets such as China and India have a new richer generation of consumers * To take over, merge with, or

    • Word count: 1611
  7. Report on Budgetary Control System

    According to the assembly department manager, this is having an effect on the quality of products. The higher budgeted target is putting extra pressure on the employees within that department and therefore they are, in the words of the assembly department manager 'finding it increasingly difficult to achieve the budgetary target without compromising product quality'. This pressure is then spreading throughout the factory which could be one of the problems which has been seen to emerge due to the budgetary control system. Decision on Work Type The current budget is also having a negative effect on the maintenance department.

    • Word count: 1550
  8. Free essay

    Business Aim, Objectives and Activity

    o Know when it has been achieved Agreed o Agreement with all the stakeholders what the goals should be Realistic o Within the availability of resources, knowledge and time Time o Enough time to achieve the goal o Not too much time, this can affect project performance Mission Statement Businesses have a mission statement, a mission statement is what the business is aiming for, a mission statement defines the core purpose of the organization - why it exists, and reflects employees' motivations for engaging in the company's work. Effective missions are inspiring, long-term in nature, and easily understood and communicated.

    • Word count: 683
  9. mcdonalds. Based on what Ive researched I think it was a good idea for McDonalds to start franchising because I now see the results it has on McDonalds.

    Growth Businesses grow for a number of reasons including: to take advantage of a gap in the market, to gain a competitive advantage over rivals, and to win increased market share. There are two main types of growth: 1. Internal growth 2. External growth involving the joining together of two or more companies. Internal growth is a slow process, and can be financed by contributions from shareholders or by keeping back the profits within the business. The main disadvantage is that it takes time, and in the meantime the competing person or group may be expanding and gaining competitive advantage.

    • Word count: 3831
  10. Investigating business ideas

    * You need a lot of security for most of the other ideas * Too much money goes into the other businesses at once but with the corner shop you can gradually expand it. * I would need a big building for the clothes shop and swimming arena Aims of my business: * To be successful * To earn profit * To be comfortable with the business I have set up * To be able to provide the needs of the costumers The meaning of partnership Here are a few definitions of a partnership: * In the common law, a

    • Word count: 640
  11. Free essay

    Why might the ownership need to change to respond to changing activities? And why might aims & objectives need to change also?

    case of AVC the dragon's quest and the knight's school but if the business was to go bankrupt the bank who loaned AVC the money cannot take the Duke's personal possessions. Although this type of ownership suits the Duke, there are certain circumstances in which the type ownership of the business might have to change.

    • Word count: 495

    At the same time, it also depends on the type of business such as if it as retail; ICT wouldn't be much of a great use then to contact clients or to send emails to customers. ICT mostly backs up organisations that manufacture or use ICT as their primary resource for their communication or for other helping needs. Also the main need would be to process word processing documents, spreadsheets, databases and presentations on the local office network, hard drive or the internet itself. The internet was connected at 5.5 mbps from British Telecom as the provider of the connection.

    • Word count: 2864
  13. Organisatioal Structures

    A core function is other areas which are not related to the customer i.e. HR, IT etc. ii) Table 1 highlights the activities performed by the different functions, the other areas of the business they communicate with and what type of information is communicated: Functional Area Activities Performed Other Areas Communicated With Nature of Information Communicated Human Resources Recruitment, pay, contracts, training + development, careers, benefits. Point of contact for admin related issues. Management, Recruitment, Accounting, any member of staff All relevant personal information of employees.

    • Word count: 2044
  14. The railway

    Paragraph 1: In the late seventeen hundreds, there were some new machines that had been invented. One of them was the 'Spinning Jenny' and was built by and English carpenter named James Hargreaves in 1770 for the textile industry. This machine could spin more than a yarn at a time. This was not all good therefore some of the angry professional hand spinners smashed the early 'Spinning Jennies.' The conflict between labour and the new technology had begun. Machines in the 'Domestic System' were all hand powered. Men wove the cloth and the thread. Women and children threaded the wool.

    • Word count: 806
  15. Marketing principles

    So as a result Kodak fought back fiercely to protect its share of the U.S film market. Kodak also matched all the things that Fuji did, as a result in them being market leader in the US market. Focusing more on Kodak their principle would be to be better than their competition which happens to be Fuji by offering better services to their customers at lower prices and better quality products. By becoming now better than Fuji as being the leading business in the U.S market, it took more thought (research) on the type of service which could outshine Fuji as film maker which they have achieved.

    • Word count: 2298
  16. Will it make a Profit?

    Task 2 What research will you need to do? I will need to research what costs I will be undertaking. Costs such as electricity, gas, rent and the price of my product. Electricity, gas and rent, altogether cost about �1,000. However this varies in different times of the year as in the summer heating won't be used as much as it would be used in the winter. Why do you need to do this? The reason I need to research is to find information about the different types of expenditure so I don't get a shock when the bills come through and so I am more accurate with my predictions.

    • Word count: 1978
  17. Discussing ID cards.

    But alternatively one major point against them is simply the money they will cost therefore the debate is on. I can see how people can see it as an infringement on civil rights, Also because there are so many other ways that the government is setting up to limit people's rights -(although it dose protect and help the national serves)- us up to and including setting up an apparatus for spying on what books we check out of the library and buy at the bookstore. But I suppose a tersest could get a book on how to make a b**b.

    • Word count: 618
  18. HBR Case Study_"How low will you go?"

    What is the problem with the company? How serious is it? The Harvard business review article 'How low will you go (April, 2006)' refers to an ethical problem in the organization. The sale man Galen took his clients to a strip club in order to make an important sale for the company, In fact, his opportunistic action did not make his boss Bob satisfied, but brought the company a lot of troubles. Firstly, this unethical problem which caused by Galen could denigrate the whole company's reputation, as known to all, there is no doubt that how significant the Reputation is to a company and to some extend it is even more crucial than the quality of product sometimes.

    • Word count: 3078
  19. An overview of the system requirements (hardware, software, data, personnel, procedures and ethical issues).

    Including these systems and functions: Operation systems and networking systems e.g. Windows NT and IBM OS 2.0 Security function e.g. password for entering databases Front-end operation system e.g. cashiers Store opening and ending system Accounting and financing system Inventory control system and sales analysis system Human resource information system Correcting errors, updating and supporting system by the software company 2. Publishing software and homepage builder for advertising activities such as creating fliers, managing a homepage of the supermarket, and creating html based e-mails for the customers. 3. Operation system (for the security system) Runs the security system for the supermarket.

    • Word count: 655
  20. Promotion The different types of promotion are sales promotion which is where a business will part on certain offers

    It must be remembered that even the best-known companies and their products still need promotion. For example Nestle continue to promote products such as Kit Kat even though they are market leaders. This is simply aimed at maintaining the product as al leading chocolate product. The different types of promotion are sales promotion which is where a business will part on certain offers (such as buy one get one free) to get customers to buy from their shop. The advantages of sales promotion are you get alot of customers coming to buy your cheaper merchandise, and this will build up your repuation.

  21. Analyse the role and value of organizational strategy, models of strategic HRD, employee development and performance management

    In short, development of employee expertise through training is critical to optimal business performance and success. Yet, today's business environment requires that training not only support the business strategies of organizations, but also take a central role in shaping business strategy. Business success is increasingly dependent upon an organizations ability 2 use employee expertise as a major force in the shaping of business strategy. HRD is the main way of sustaining an organizations competitive edge, it also serves a strategic role by assuring the competence of employees helps reach organizational objectives. Simultaneous with meeting current organizational needs, HRD also contributes towards shaping strategy and enabling organizations to take full advantage of emergent business strategies.

    • Word count: 1832
  22. Methodology For my project I am going to use primary and secondary sources. I will use primary as I know exactly where the information

    I feel that interviews would benefit my project greatly as they are a great way to get an insight into my chosen topic from the interviewee's point of view. I will also be able to see difference between the social class a person feels they belong to and their sociological social class. I will be using a structured interview, which means I will be using set questions although I will allow the interviewee to elaborate if they want to. I will not be using a tape recorder as this may cause the interviewee to feel threatened and in turn causing them to shy away from my questions, give me less evidence to prove my hypothesis.

    • Word count: 1184
  23. Property sector analysis

    * Flowers * Frozen foods * Fruit and veg * Cards * Cleaning products * Luggage * Meat * Medicines and first aid items * Drinks * Pet foods * Snacks * Toys Most of the big supermarkets now offer these services and the UK's supermarkets are gradually following the 'American way' by following the most succesful supermarket in the world, WAL -MART. The traditional supermarket occupies a large floor space on a single level and is usually situated near a residential area in order to be convenient to customers.

    • Word count: 2718
  24. Investigating the current system at a new car company.

    I have therefore chosen to use a different method of investigation. Another way of investigating a system is interviewing all the clients who use it to find out what they think about it and how they think I needs to be improved and the systems advantages not only disadvantages. Interviews are a good method of investigating as you can ask the questions in person and get a more reliable answer than on a questionnaire. In an interview, many questions can be asked, some thought before the interview, some questions thought during the interview.

    • Word count: 3555
  25. Developing an informed understanding of issues surrounding the concept of corporate responsibility.

    Companies, no matter what shape or size, have a considerable social, environmental and economic impact on the communities in which they operate. In today's highly competitive economy the importance of ensuring 'positive impact' can be crucial to both corporate reputation and business success. Many companies are placing greater emphasis on the role that they can play as 'responsible corporate citizens' and accept and understand the importance of adopting a social, ethical and environmentally responsible approach to business activity. By recognising their wider responsibilities, many now accept that that they are responsible and accountable to a wide range of stakeholders, including business partners, employees, customers, suppliers, community groups and opinion formers, not just shareholders.

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