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AS and A Level: ICT in Business

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    participation in the operations * Constant consultation with the foreign tour operators * Management of timetables * Discussion with staff * Good cooperation with the suppliers Target date for completion: XXXX Verification by Assessor and Comments This is where you will need the comments & signature (and company stamp) of your manager. Ensure that this part is completed before the end of your SWE. You will have to submit the original copy for this section. All other sections i.e. Objectives, strategies and Student Reflections must be typed.

    • Word count: 1323
  2. 'Is the Business Cycle obsolete

    Since the Second World War it is evident that the 'relationships between these key variables have become much looser'.2 The intensity of the business cycle has dampened and there have been far less cyclical fluctuations in the U.S. economy. Furthermore, the changing structure of the U.S. economy has altered from being vastly agricultural to more tertiary orientated postwar. It is evident that manufacturing shares have also declined over time in the U.S. which has led to the evolvement of the tertiary sector.

    • Word count: 3294
  3. Business Studies Coursework - start up video rental and buy shop

    I will do this by phoning up the local radio and newspaper to find out the cost of advertising. * I will carry out research to find out about supplies and suppliers. I will do this by phoning up different warehouses who supply videos and DVDs and finding out the costs and the ranges of DVDs and videos they sell. I will have to choose what kind of company I am going to be there are a different types company I can be and that is Sole Trader, Private Limited Company or a Public Limited Company.

    • Word count: 3097
  4. E2: describe and explain the objectives of the business

    As the owner they make all the decisions themselves. It can be set up with relatively little capital. As they work in close contact with customers they can encourage customer loyalty. Unfortunately their hours are long because they do not have any help and they have unlimited liability which means, they are fully liability for the company's debts. * Partnership This type of business is also very easy to set up and it consists of between 2 and 20 people.

    • Word count: 10740
  5. "Any fool can start a love affair, but it takes a genius to end one successfully

    The financial success of Bob's creations has elevated Bob beyond the level of a simple, small business owner. The important questions Bob must ask are where he wants to take his business from here and what kind of enterprise he wishes to build. Bob's dilemma is not an uncommon dilemma for the typical entrepreneur, who is known for continually asking such questions and reevaluating his own circumstances (Bhide 66). Bob's long-lasting desire to enter politics or start a full-service restaurant, along with a number of other factors, suggests further growth of Bongo may not be ideal for this particular entrepreneur.

    • Word count: 782
  6. Business Systems: An Introductory Managerial Perspective.

    These are the main information supervisors need to including who to report to them selves. (ii) In order to know what information is needed over the Internet, Intranet and Extranet we need to know what they are. The internet is the World Wide Web it's a number of multiple networks connected together that can be accessed via telephone of different media devices. It's used to share information around the world and it's becoming even more popular everyday. The intranet is based on the internet and it is a private mini internet that is setup by organisations so that there employees can access it.

    • Word count: 1495
  7. What would you do in this situation

    Question 1. What would you do in this situation? * Close the firm Question 2. Why did you make the choices you did in each case? Justify your answer. This is because of * Competition; * Workforce which is being made by old people; and * It is my own responsibility as a manager to look for the survival of the business. Justification can be accessed in the body of the essay. Question 3. What principles or basic values for decision making did you use in each case?

    • Word count: 2087
  8. Scottish Enterprise

    Business Gateway, Shell Livewire and PYSBT will advise and where necessary offer assistance business start ups with potential. There are a wide range of services available ranging from one to one advice, grant funding through to training. The level of support is usually determined by the businesses growth potential, its likelihood of employing people and its sector. These services are available once a robust Business Plan has been drawn up. 1.3 The contribution to the local economy of entrepreneurial activity Small businesses and entrepreneurs play a vital role in the economy, they provide new ideas, products, services, jobs and tend to be early adopters of new technologies.

    • Word count: 1172
  9. Ao1 : aims and objectives

    The Tesco brand is "everyone, everything, everywhere and anytime". I believe this means that they have everything to meet everyone's needs and are available to everyone at anytime anywhere, implying most places. This is what makes their business so popular because their products and services are aimed to be beneficial to everybody. Tesco falls into the tertiary sector of a business as it provides us with a service. Tertiary includes service industries (Tesco), leisure (e.g. David Llyod Leisure), transport (Cabs), finance (Tesco finance), distribution, retailing, wholesaling, and communications.

    • Word count: 10545
  10. Introduction for Currys:

    Others were exported for further use and the remainder recycled and disposed of following CFC gas extraction meeting environmental standards. In effect Dixons Group provided a cost-free channel for the disposal of this domestic waste and one which minimised the generation of extra journeys by householders or local authority collectors and is thus more environmentally acceptable. This shows how much Dixons group has been acting ethically. Services that Currys provides and competitive background: For my assignment, it is important to understand why retailers offer such services.

    • Word count: 1561
  11. Spreadsheet For Holiday Details

    Within these blocks of prices for example, I had a calculation adding up prices for number of families over a period of time. Here, for example, I added cost per adult and child for 7nights and times it by two to make a family of four consisting of 2adult and 2child. I used the numerical formulae. It is also very helpful because as I change the information in B13 for example it will automatically adjust the information in B17. Processing required: Within each block of information, at the bottom I have a total of, for example how much it will cost.

    • Word count: 1630
  12. To carry out some successful market research for a sports shop business and to find out what people think and want. To explain the term 'marketing mix' and relate to this to my chosen business which is a sports shop.

    I will hopefully make enough profit so that I can cover all of my costs. Profit is the amount of money I will make, i.e., I buy something for �10; sell it for �20, which means I made a profit of �10. I will provide small discounts for products that are in fashion because then there will be a lot of competition between stores, therefore I will try to sell it at the lowest price. Also, I will provide discounts at Christmas, Easter, etc.

    • Word count: 1981
  13. Threats

    In addition, since most of the players in the industry are facing tremendous pressure from low profit margin, Daisytek's technology assists the company in lowering the cost as well as improving service quality. As a result, leading-edge technology is regarded as competitive advantage of a company. This includes the technologically sophisticated call center and globally distribution system, which are the outcomes of an effective technology Daisytek possesses as well. * Capable management team Without the competence of the management team, Daisytek would not undoubtedly be as successful as they are today.

    • Word count: 5815
  14. People and Business

    (External stakeholder) * Their colleagues (employees) - people who work for the firm. (Internal stakeholder) * The owner - owns the business (Internal stakeholder) * The stock suppliers - people who supply goods to the business (External stakeholder) * The Third Party distribution company - people who sell goods on behalf of the business (External stakeholder) * The financier (bank) - Is where the business stores its money or takes loans from. (External stakeholder) * The community (Persula foundation) - people living near or around the business. (External stakeholder) * The customers are affected by the business because they purchase from the business and they would want the business to give them quality goods and services, which are good value for money this is what Richer Sounds do for their customers.

    • Word count: 7723
  15. Cadbury Schweppes plc is a confectionery and beverage company with its headquarters in London. However, it does not manufacture Schweppes beverages for Ireland or the United Kingdom, having sold its trademarks there to The Coca-Cola Company

    The company employs around 38,000 people worldwide but in Britain 12,000 employees. The company owns 7,500 vehicles that are used for the business (delivery) in Britain. In Britain there are 17 Cadbury and Schweppes sites. Aims and purposes Public limited companies like Cadbury will have objectives such as * Maximise profit * To be the number one product in a given market * To maximise sales * To grow * To operate in a wide range of markets * To give satisfaction to customers * Have a good reputation * To provide the freedom for workers to express them selves

    • Word count: 4218
  16. Sundan Reduces Inventory Costs, Strengthens

    All stores are located in Pearl River Delta, majority in Shenzhen. The size varies from 1100 sqm to 10,300 sqm a wide selection of electrical appliances, Audio/Video equipment, Digital product and house hold items. Every outlet offers a large variety of commodities of medium to high quality. The assortment contains well-known national and international brands. An advanced information system provides a daily updated situation of the companies business. B2B communication is obvious with our suppliers. B2C offers customers easy shopping since 2002. The headcount is over 2000 Sundan focus on customers' service, after sales and maintenance service.

    • Word count: 984
  17. Communication in a business:

    Body language Information technology (IT) COMMUNICATION SKILLS Listening Speaking Writing Reading Speaking: Speech takes place between people in close proximity o each other. Provided the listener (i.e. receiver) is attentive, ambiguity can be removed by questioning. Questioning is very a very important process because it can clarify meanings and point of views. For speech to be effective means of communication it is important that individual is aware of: > His of her own

    • Word count: 767
  18. The main aim of the business studies coursework is to create a marketing strategy for Mr Errol Anderson and his business venture Errol Anderson Motors.

    This would require a lot of money but the bank manager is willing to give Errol all the money he needs to start off with. Sole traders and partnerships have a low the first year they start off with, as they find it hard competing with larger establishments, but when they are well known that's when they become better at selling customers their services or products. An objective for a business is a goal that they want to achieve. In this case, Errol, wants to be able to achieve market share, he will try and be the highest in the

    • Word count: 5771
  19. An Evaluation of Fred Dretske's Conception of Knowledge and Beliefs.

    A type 1 representational system has no power, yet it does function as people, as long as they can understand the markings and symbols are able to read the map and go in whatever direction they might need. Before being able to efficiently differentiate been Type 1 and Type 2 one must be able to distinguish between a symbol and a sign. A symbol is something that has been given a conventional meaning. A symbol stands to represent something in a specific context, however when removed from the intended context it may lose its meaning.

    • Word count: 1817
  20. My aim is to publicise and raise awareness of my mother's business, which is a hairdressing salon. I intend on doing so by designing a leaflet, which in turn communicates to her existing and

    Audience My target audience would be my mother's customers because this leaflet would be most beneficial to them. Having a leaflet that contains all the vital information like all the treatments and prices means that they have a clear understanding of the service that is on offer. The essential information that the customers would need to know are the different price ranges between women with long hair, women with short hair, men, senior citizens and children. Additionally they would also need to know the basic details like opening hours and days.

    • Word count: 646
  21. Within the adult branch of nursing the information system that is predominantly used within ward settings is P.A.S., (Patient Administration System). This system holds details about patients such as their name and address, their age, their GP,

    is not obliged to supply any information under subsection (1) unless she has received a written request, this is also discussed in clause 10 of the UKCC Code of Conduct. Data integrity is the accuracy of the information i.e. there will be a loss in integrity when information becomes out of date e.g. a change of address. And finally the availability of data is self explanatory, meaning simply whether or not the information can be accessed when required (Oxford Dictionary Definition).

    • Word count: 1301
  22. The use of database management can be used to support the implementation of the customer charter in many ways.First database management can help organise any team

    * It accepts user-written programs for enhancing the system. * It controls user passwords. * It logs transaction. * It enables records to be sorted into any sequence. * It locks records to make multi-user systems secure. * It determines the screen format to ensure data can be entered easily. In our charter, we have stated the following * Wherever possible we will arrange British Sign Language interpreters for people with hearing difficulties * We will welcome your comments, suggestions, compliments, or complaints.

    • Word count: 389
  23. The focus of this business report is to show my understanding of the phases of the business life cycle. The main discussion is of the four phases in the life cycle and a second discussion

    Sales are often hard as customers stick to brand names usually. Costs are high through this time and the lack of income from sales doesn't help. All your money seems to be going into advertising but none coming back in with sales. Often this results in losses rather than profits. Loans are also difficult to gain as new businesses are very risky with about 33% failing in there first year of sales. To succeed a well-developed business plan is needed.

    • Word count: 808
  24. This story is about my Great-Grandfather named Herbert Schellenbarg. He was my grandfather from my mother's - mom's - dad side of the family. He was born on September 25, 1913, in a town called Anna, Ohio

    She was so beautiful and believed in him. With her positive attitude and strength, she encouraged Herb to start his own business. They moved to Bradford, Ohio where they found some ground at a reasonable price. With Clara by his side, Herb's business was very successful. He started his own junkyard, earning a living from the scrap medal. As Herb and Clara's life started they wanted to start a family. Their first child broke their hearts! Her name was Carol and was stillborn. This seemed like the end of the world to them, but they tried again for another child.

    • Word count: 1342
  25. In this assignment we will analyse Marks & Spencer through its mission statement, key business processes and environmental factors, as wells as its strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities to the organization

    M&S was rather ordinary general store in the early days. In the 1920s after a visit to Sears Roebuck in the US it redefined its mission statement as "the subversion of the class structure of the 19th century England by making available to the working and lower-middle classes, upper class goods of better than upper-class quality at prices the working and lower-middle classes could well afford". Few companies might have such precise or socially ambitious mission statement, but Marks & Spenser did a marvellous job by creating team spirit and unity of purpose among its workforce.

    • Word count: 4712

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