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ICT in the Community

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3D ICT in the Community In Greenwich there are lots of companies which use ICT in different ways in the community. Public places such as the hospital, police, banks, libraries, schools, internet cafes and so on. However, ICT is used in various ways such as database, excel, word processing etc. Hospital They use database, word processing, telephone. They use word processing in the office-reception to send letters about the appointments to the patients. They also use word processing to type the letters easily and print it of. They use telephones in the reception to contact with the patients. They use telephone to contact the patients about certain information. It is very useful and simple to get in contact with the patients. They use database to store the information about all the patients. They use database as they can view the medical details easily and it takes shorter time to view the details. If they store the medical details on database it is more reliable than using a paper system for example. If the hospitals use the paper system important documents could be damaged or even lost. ...read more.


The police have a website which is www.met.police.uk/. This website has lots of varies of things the users can do such as contacting the police, youngster information about drugs etc. This website of the police is very useful as the customer can go to the website and check things or report emergency, non-emergency or any other appropriate incidents. The website has mainly advantages. One advantage is that people who are interested in joining the police force they can contact the police through the website by signing up. One of the important things the website does is that it enables the general public to report on any incident, so the police force can take action. There are probably no disadvantages for this website because I personally believe that the website is very effective. Libraries They use database, word processing, internet and telephones. They use database, word processing, internet and telephones in the reception. They use database to store the members' information. Also, the libraries use database to store their information about their books. They use word processing to type up letters to send to the members about the lost book, not returned book or something because this is very easy and effective way of doing this. ...read more.


They use telephones to contact the customers about the bank details. They also might use mail merge to send letters to the customers. One main advantage of using the database, Microsoft excel etc is that it makes it simpler and easier for the staff to use the system. One disadvantage of these systems is that if there is a virus or the system broke down all the files and documents will be lost. ATM (Automatic Teller Machines) is located in the bank and just outside the bank. This is a very useful and effective system. One advantage of this system is that it enables the customers to take out their money from their account whenever they please. However, some people don't know how to withdraw their money. One disadvantage of ATM is that it is a major attraction for criminals as they try several methods to withdraw the money from another person's account. They normally steal the credit card from the person and they try to get the pin number from them, they put oil on the keypad before the person types their pin number so that they can see what numbers they press and lately the criminals use a small camera under the machine and track down the pin number. ?? ?? ?? ?? YATHURSAN DEVABALAN 11B1 ...read more.

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