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ICT Serving Organisations

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Information and Communication Technology Unit2: ICT Serving Organisations January and June 2004 Task 1 Functions of the Plant Place The main functions of the Plant Place is to sell fencing, plant pots, gardening tools, garden ornaments, indoor plants, books and other goods for garden and home. All these goods are sold at garden centres. Garden centres also sell outdoor plants. All of the garden centres include a caf�, where Plant Place customers can buy sandwiches, drinks and other lights meals such as cakes. The company has a Mail Order service that allows customers to buy goods and product through a catalogue from their residence. The system is ran by the Mail Order Clerk, who is based at the head office. One of the main functions of Plant Place is to specialize in growing climbing plants and sell these and other huge range of plants and items through mail order. Mail orders are placed through catalogues produced by the company and advertisement put in many gardening magazines. Different Types of Customers Plant place has many customers. These customers include members of the public and also local councils' park and garden departments buy plants grown by the company. Other garden centres buy grown plants from the company. Functions of Each Section Including Garden Centres and Head Office The functions of the Garden Centre are to sell goods such as plants, pots gardening tools etc to many types of customer from council to the public, who may use catalogues to order their products using mail order service. The Administration Assistant is in charge of office procedures. He deals with correspondence received or creating and sending any correspondence. The Administration Assistant keeps staff hours. But part time staff must sign a book. Every Friday the Administration Assistant uses the book and calculates the hours of each member of staff. Another task the Administration Assistant does is keep logs of the money taken through the tills. ...read more.


Mail I Customer Administrative Assistant Pay for Work Mail A B C I H D E G F Task 3 ICT Systems in Human Resources The ICT Systems used with in the Human Resources department, which is located in the Head Office, is a workstation, laser printer and also the workstation is connected to an ISDN line. The ISDN line provides email facility for the workstation. Only Human Resource members can access personnel data which is stored on the server. ICT Systems used by Administrative Assistant The Administrative Assistant uses spreadsheet software to calculate takings in of each day with the till roll that is inputted in to the spreadsheet. Also the Administrative Assistant uses word processing and templates for garden design and financial summaries. The hardware used by the Administrative Assistant is a Workstation that has a 15-inch monitor and a Laser Printer. The computer is stand-alone. The workstation is also connected to a modem that uses a phone line. The modem provides e-mail facilities on all the workstations. ICT Systems used by Mail Order Mail orders are sent by post to the Head Office by the Mail Order Clerk. The Mail Order Clerk inputs details of the orders in to order processing software which is loaded up on the workstation. The Clerk uses an order entry screen. The software automatically assigns a unique order number to each new order placed and assigns the date. If the customer is new then the Clerk must enter the details required for the customer. The processing system automatically assigns a unique customer number for the new customers. However, if the Customer has ordered goods before, then the customer number is needed on the processing system sheet. The Clerk enters the details of the product that include product code quantity of each good or product. Consequently description is displayed as well as the availability of the product. ...read more.


as it allows them to make day to day decisions about functions of goods or services they are providing. Management Information Systems Helping Caf� Manager The caf� Manager can use the Management Information Systems by making key forecast of items to order for each day. The Caf� manager has to decide on the amount of fresh ingredients to order for the following day, which he will cook for the following day. The caf� manager decides by checking what ingredients is needed for the food he going to cook on the premises. The caf� manager must predict or forecast for each individual day correctly. He does not want to be low of stock causing loss of sales and causing customer dissatisfaction. However if he has high sock levels, these will go to waste and cost the company part of its profit. The cafe Manager must forecast for seasonal times as in the summer the Garden Centers are busier meaning the caf� will have more customers so he has to have high stock levels in cold drinks and cakes etc. As the weather is hotter consumer will demand colder drinks so Manager must keep this in mind. During the weekend parents bring their children with them so the Caf� manager must take in to mind he must prepare more food for weekends then the week days. Management Information Systems Helping the Sales Marketing Director The Sales and Marketing Director has the responsibility for mail order and advertising. When there is a problem with mail order the Sales and Marketing Director is informed by the Mail Order Clerk. The Clerk reports direct to the Sales and Marketing Director, which allows him to forecast any changes or make key decisions about negotiation with other garden centers about plants and products about prices and contracts. Sales and Marketing Director has to make decisions on contracts with local councils. But the Sales and Marketing Director must check if the prices of non plant goods have changes as he can only sell them for a profit, which would increase revenue for the company. Harpender Singh Thind ...read more.

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