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In this document I will be discussing the functional areas of Tesco and Naomi House organisation

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Unit 1 P3 AK Robinson Business Environment Introduction In this document I will be discussing the functional areas of Tesco and Naomi House organisation. Functional area roles are also going to be explained in detail. Organisational Chart Organisational chart is a graphical representation of the roles and structure within an organisation. The charts also shows the relationship between roles and they even show a simple way to visualize how work flows within a business. Organisational charts include the structural chart, the functional chart and the position chart. Tesco Organisation Chart Functional Area of Tesco Finance: Tesco Finance team are the one who controls the financial operation of the organisation. They are the one who controls the money coming in going out. Tesco team provide management information to measure and monitor the business they are either in the form of corporate steering wheel (or balanced score card), five-year plans, operating budgets, forecasts or our weekly/monthly financial results. The wages that are being payed to the employees that work in Tesco are also being controlled by the finance department. ...read more.


Customer service team deals with both customer and store queries. They generally deal with request about Tesco club card (which is the biggest loyalty card scheme in UK). The queries with online, catalogue shopping are also shorted out by customer service team members. Sales: Tesco sales team are the ones who manage the market of the organisation. Their role includes placing price for the goods and product. The profit that are made by selling goods and product are been recorded by the sales department. HR: Human resources at Tesco are the team members who manage the employees? position. They are the team member who hire and fire employees. Employees qualification and bio data are been recorded by them. Human resource team member works under the control of chief executive. Human resources teams work to ensure that managers across the business have world-class skills and tools to meet the needs of people. Taxation: Taxation team are the ones who pay tax for their organization. Business like Tesco has to pay tax in all sorts of ways in many different countries. ...read more.


They also run campaign so that they can raise fund for the organisation. Marketing team runs under the authority of the trustees and they lie in non clinical staff. Production/operation: Naomi house does not produce any product or goods therefore the organisation doesn?t have any Production team. But they do carry operation such as bringing products, medicine and doctors for the patience. Theses team member fall under Non Clinical staff and they are controlled by the Trustees. Customer Service: Naomi House customer service team are the ones who provide support and assistance to the customer. Their role includes answering the calls, making the appointment for the patience and also dealing with the customer queries. Customer service staffs at Naomi House are qualified personnel who work under the authority of Trustees. Customer service falls under voluntary staff. Sales: Human Resource (HR): Naomi House human resource team are the members who control the employees that work in the organisation. Their main role includes recuiretment, selection processes and managing the pay system for the employees. This team also train new employees and plans ideas for future organisational goal. They also need to deal with problem in recuiretment and remuneration. Catering: Catering teams at Naomi House are experienced and professional chiefs. ...read more.

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