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In this section I am going to be looking at various life stages and the financial requirements Financial Life stages are groups that people go through as the grow bigger financially The life stages are: School age youth (0-16) Teenagers and Students (

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Task 1 Introduction In this section I am going to be looking at various life stages and the financial requirements Financial Life stages are groups that people go through as the grow bigger financially The life stages are: School age youth (0-16) Teenagers and Students (17-22) Post- education / pre - families (23-30) Young families (30-40) Established families (40-50) Mature household (50-60) Retired pensioners (60+) School age youth (0-16) People in this group are young children that are still at compulsory education which means they will not need any big loans from bank to pay off any expenses e.g. University fees, although their parents might want to set up a savings account for them for when they grow up. Their parents and guardians will also support them so they should be responsible for any of their financial needs. Teenagers and Students (17-22) Teenagers and students from the age of 17 to 22 are quite different from the school age youth. This is because they are no longer at compulsory education and their financial needs have increased so their parents or guardians may support them less financially, because they will be expected to get a job. This means they will need to open a bank account so that when they do get in to the world of work their salary can be paid directly to the account. There are lots of financial services available to teenagers and students e.g. credit cards, but they might not be open to all of the major credit card companies e.g. (Master card, Visa, American express) because they do not have any credit history so they will need to start off with a student credit card. Some people in this group will be finishing 6th form / college and be looking to go University and take their education to a next level but this in not cheap so they may need a bank loan to pay for the University fees. ...read more.


5.25% AER on e saving reward from Barclays bank. Annual Equivalent Rate - is a notional rate that's generally quoted on interest paid on savings and investments. It purports to demonstrate what interest return would be if the interest was compounded and paid annually instead of monthly (or any other period). If an account pays interest more than once a year, say, for example, monthly or quarterly, then the AER is calculated by adding each interest payment to the deposit and then calculating the next interest payment, compounding the interest. Thus, on accounts where interest is paid quarterly, the AER will be slightly higher than the quoted gross rate because of the compound interest earned on the interest paid during the year[T1]. Task 5 Introduction: In task 5 I have been asked to describe two retail banking providers that might be considered appropriate to the likely financial needs of two contrasting customers. I will be explaining for is post education / pre families and established families. I will use Barclays bank and the post office Barclays bank will be appropriate for a senior student in university finishing their degree and preparing to have a family. This is because they will be looking for a retail bank to offer them a basic current account to enable them to manage their bills and other finances. People in this life stage will not want to focus on saving or investing although they might want to leave some money aside. Barclays also provides saving products. So if a senior student wants to invest or save large amounts they have a wide range of saving facilities to choose from such as long term savings plans or short term saving plans. This can be managed via online banking so it will make it very easy and save time for the customer. Barclays offers insurance products for all kind of possessions. ...read more.


The royal bank of Scotland will be very suitable insurance company for someone to choose because it is one of the biggest travel insurance companies in the UK so they have a big reputation to give their customers confidence in them. Travel insurance will be suitable for people in all life stages simply because everyone should be insured when they are away on holiday. But I think this will suite people in Mature households more because they will probably have the most expensive assets because they are one of the most families settled in their life. Travel insurance will be very suitable for people in post graduate and pre families life stage because people in this life stage are very active and tend to travel a lot so it will be very important for them to be insured whilst on holiday. Car Insurance from The Royal Bank Of Scotland Car insurance is insurance purchased for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Its primary use is to provide protection against losses incurred as a result of traffic accidents and against liability that could be incurred in an accident. Car insurance from The Royal Bank Of Scotland is very good. They provide a courtesy car for the customer when there car is being repaired. If the customer has home insurance with the royal bank of Scotland they will save 15%. Although car insurance is vital for people in all life stages, this service will be very appropriate for people in mature household because of all the benefits that come with it such as the 15% discount that comes with the insurance. That is only available to people with home insurance, and that will be something that mature households will have. [T1] I do not know how to work out an example ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Tunji Form: 12 A Course: BTEC National Award in Personal and Business Finance - Year 12 ...read more.

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