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In this task I am required to define motivation and retaining staff, methods used by the business to motivate and retain their staff and relevant PEST factors in the workforce plan. I am also going to define how motivation affects a school

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Jahangir Baig   Mrs. Khanda   Unit 2   L6HPP     Task B        9/18/2009 2:30:00 AM

People in Business


In this task I am required to define motivation and retaining staff, methods used by the business to motivate and retain their staff and relevant PEST factors in the workforce plan. I am also going to define how motivation affects a school and how the deal with it.


Motivation is a reason for employees to work for. They are goals that all the employees have which they need to meet in order to progress higher in life. Without motivation their will be no improvement in their life. Staffs that work and enjoy their work are also motivated because this gives them a reason to do their work and because of this they will continue to work hard and try harder to meet their targets. In a school all the staff members are motivated by the goals that are set by them they are also motivated by environment e.g. talking to other teachers, making new friends, enjoying classes while teaching students.

Why does the school need to motivate?

In a school motivation is important because staff want to have something to look up to and this will help the business to be successful, the business sets aims and objectives for all the staff to follow and aim to achieve them, this keeps them busy and work harder, this also keeps the workforce together and makes them support each other as a team. As the business becomes more motivated the reputation also increases because parents will come to check on how their son or daughter is doing and if they find that they are doing very well they will like the education that their children are receiving and so they will respect the school and advise others to go to the same school. Another reason why a business needs motivation is because it will boost the performance of the students that are studying there because the teachers will be working hard to meet their aims and objectives they will be giving better quality of education in order to meet their objectives.

What is the result of staff when they are not motivated?

If the staff isn’t motivated then they won’t be bothered doing any work and this means that the business won’t be successful. The education that the students will get won’t be of high standard and also the students won’t do the work on time and will miss their deadlines same goes for the staff. The teachers won’t be punctual because they would be bored of the work they do at the school. The school reputation will decrease because parents won’t be happy with the education that their children are receiving and so they might give bad feedback. The students won’t achieve their goal and will likely to fail their GCSEs or any other qualifications because they won’t know what they want to achieve in life.

The head of the department won’t give information to their teachers on what s/he expects from them and this can cause problems for teachers as they won’t know what they suppose to teach the students. The admin won’t be prepared to do the duties that the head of the year assign them to and this will mean that the letters that supposed to be sent to parents won’t be sent on time and also any other tasks will also be late. The staff turnover will also increase because they won’t be happy with the work place and this means that the school will have to hire new teachers and they have to do the induction again and this can cost money and this might keep happening because the new teachers might also find the work place to be boring and not suitable and so they might also quit their work.

The students will move to another school that gives them better education meaning that the school will be losing students and if the number or students decreases to a very low point than the school will close down this also goes for the grades because if the grades aren’t high enough then the government will close down the school or might fire every staff member in the school and restart it. When the students look for a job the grades will be stated on their CVs and the employers will find out that they got bad grades and so they might not be able to work and also won’t be able to go to university.

Methods used by businesses to motivate and retain their staff.

Business set aims for every staff member working for them this keeps them busy and makes them work harder to achieve their aim, they also make sure that the work place is suitable for the staff members so they are happy and work harder. Business increase the employees pay as they work longer for their business and this also keeps them motivated because they will work harder in order to get a higher pay, they have places where staff members can talk to each other a make friends which creates a good working environment, they also have parties on special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and other occasions.

Retaining staff

This is when staff members are given higher wages if they aren’t happy or if they are not happy with their job role then there are moved up so they feel that they are a part of the business. Business use many different methods in order to motivate their staff, motivation is important for business because it can affect their reputation, the quality of work, work environment and the profits in a long term. To decrease the chance of that happening businesses use methods such as, paying the staff according to their performance in order to persuade them to do good but this wasn’t a good idea in some businesses because some staff worked at their job not for money but for their interest.

 Businesses have places where staff members can have a break from work and talk to each other this creates a good environment which keeps the staff continue to work because they feel happy. The lighting in the buildings also helps because researchers have found that working in well lit areas creates a happy environment and so makes staff feel better so they work longer. Staff members are also given opportunities to improve their skills e.g. training classes, off and on job training.

In The Heathland School teachers are motivated by most of the things that other business try to motivate their staff with, teachers get paid according to their performance, they are offered many different classes to improve their performance, there is a staff room where teachers can talk and relax, most of the teachers work because they like to work as a teacher rather than working for money, the school is well lit to keep a happy environment. Businesses make sure that every employee is a part of the business so they work as a team. This makes staff think that they are useful to the business to the business and so they are more likely to continue work. The Hawthorne effect was a test to see what changes the performance of the employees and they found that improvements in working conditions resulted I higher quality of work.

Frederick Herzberg carried a research and found that there where two main things that affected the performance of the staff and these where their values at work e.g. how much they are part of the business, their life time goals e.g. if I work hard I can become a millionaire. The other reason was that staff didn’t like the place that they where working in. Maslow has a theory in which he states how important things are in a business and to show his work he produced a triangular table and wrote different things that matter to the employees in order to keep them motivated below is a table that Maslow produced.


This part is about people meeting their goals in life, they keep on progressing in life without stopped in order to meet their full potential, and they are always reaching towards new opportunities in order to grow. Self-actualized people have needs such as truth, meaning and wisdom but there are only some of them actually reaching it.


When a person feels like if s/he belongs to a certain place s/he feels more important, they want to be respected by others, achievement, social statues and recognition and also reputation.


When an employee meets his/her lower level physiological and safety needs s/he wants to go higher in order to become more important. These needs are social needs which those related to talking to other people and interacting with them, making friends, breaks this is so all the employees get to work together by knowing things about each other.


The employees want the work place to be safe for them to work in. they want to have security from hazardous chemicals, fire and other physical damages. They also want to be in emotionally safe.


The employees will want the workplace to be good enough for them to breath enough they will want water to drink and food to eat and also a place to sleep or to rest if they feel tired. If one of these steps isn’t met then the progress of the employees will not go higher according to the table.

PEST factors in the workforce plan


This factor includes all the government regulations and legal issues these are the following;

  • Employment laws: all business must follow the law e.g. minimum wage, employing illegally.
  • Tax policy: all business should pay tax otherwise the owner of the business can go to jail.
  • Environmental regulations: they should be careful so they don’t harm the environment e.g. pollution, hazardous chemicals.
  • Trade restrictions and tariff: the business needs to make sure that they don’t bring something to UK that is illegal.
  • Political stability: the business should not bring too many foreign workers into the UK because then there will be less jobs then workers.


This factor includes the purchasing power, the value of capital.

  • Interest rates: If too many businesses barrow money from banks than the amount of interest on loans is likely to increase because banks will need to money as a backup.
  • Economic growth: if there is a huge increase in population then the amount of capital can become a problem because there might not be enough jobs available.
  • Exchange rate: the value of capital can go down if the strong.
  • Tax: Businesses should be aware that they need to pay tax to the government and that depends on how much profit a business is making each year.
  • Weather issues: Schools should be aware if its suitable weather for the students and teachers to arrive to school because bad weather can cause accidents and or other problems so schools can have days off in these type of situations.


 This includes issues relating to how people live, life style and social trend that can have an effect on a business.

  • Lifestyle trends: The business will need to make sure that they are meeting the national standard of work e.g. education should meet the national amount.
  • Student and parents attitudes and opinions: the business needs to take every feedback and student and parents opinions under consideration they should also take opinions of people working in the business because this will keep them happy as they will become a part of the business and also because they will like the environment that they are working in.
  • Media views: the business can do something which is useful to the community e.g. making a new facility for students to do their sport activities, helping people in Africa, making the highest amount of donation to charity ‘these can make them come on TV, newspaper, radio and will increase the business reputation.
  • Law changes: the business needs to keep track of all the law changes that may occur e.g. the age that students should stay in education.
  • Fashion and role models: the school should keep a high standard so that other schools learn from them and fallow their league.
  • Ethnic/religious factors: school should make sure that there is no racism in their business and all the students are not bullied and none of the people working in the school are treated unfairly.
  • Advertising and publicity: schools that have a low reputation mostly advertise in order to gain a higher reputation and to gain the interest of students so they join their school.


This section includes all the technological facilities that a school or a business should have.

  • New Hardware: if there is a new computer than staff will need training to use it and this will cost money, for example in a school there are new cash machines that work electronically with a software interface than the dinner ladies will need training on how to use them.
  • Research funding: schools need to find new ways to improve their business and to do this they can use the internet e.g. new ways to help students teach in a IFS lesson because IFS is a new type of subject teachers can find out new ways in which they think it will help students learn.
  • Replacement technology/solutions: as time passes new equipment becomes old and needs replacing because it may slow the business down and so business should be aware of when they should update their equipment.
  • Maturity of technology: schools should make sure that the software that they use is the most advanced and is the easiest software to use for the work that they are doing.
  • Information and communications: businesses can communicate with others through telephones, computers and other sources and this will speed the communication of the business and so speed up the business because the business won’t need to send out letters in order to send messages which take approximately 2 days, they can instead call them which are instant.
  • Technology legislation: the business needs to make sure that all the equipment that the business is using is legal to use.

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