Task 6: Evaluation

I will know evaluate the recruitment and selection process. To do this, I will be looking at the positives the negatives things that happened during this process. By evaluating the recruitment and selection process it will give overall feedback and I will give me ways in which I could improve if I were to do it again.

The good things about the recruitment process were the recruitment documents produced; the job description, person specification and job advert. The documents contained most of the key information that is required for the candidate to know about the job.

For example in the job description, it outlines the main duties the candidates would have to carry out for example if they were appointed they would have to teach the lesson, set homework and monitor the student’s progress. It also contained motivation factors such as money and fringe benefit so the candidate would be attracted to it which meant that they’re more likely to apply. As well as motivational factors it also contained training which another reason that encourages the candidate to apply was. The job description contains the Greenford High School logo in the header which made it look more professional and a list of the companies they’re associated with such as Healthy School which again made the school look more professional.

In the person specification, it contains a list of qualifications, skills and experience the candidate must have in order for them to get the job. This is so that Greenford High School can employ the right candidate. Like the job description, the person specification also contains the Greenford High School logo and the companies they’re associated with as well.

The job advert was the beset recruitment document I created. It advertised the job well enough so that anyone walking by, would be attracted to it. It did this by displaying the job role in big clear letter so that any one walking by it, could see it easily and draw their attention towards it. It contained a map of the school so the candidate knows the location of it, how to get there and if is too far or not for them to travel. Similarly to the job description, the job advert contained some brief motivational factors such as salary. This is one of the first things the candidates want to see on a job advert and it was displayed on my job advert clearly. Lastly it contained contact details of the school so the candidate can contact them if they had any enquiries.

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Another good thing about the recruitment process I carried out was the seating arrangement of the interview. The interviewee was standing in front which meant we could see their body language. The fact that they were standing in front of the panel members meant they we didn’t have to project their voice across the room. This helped me to reach a decision about the candidate as it means I was able to see if they could cope with being under pressure. If they couldn’t cope with it, then it meant they weren’t capable of teaching a lesson. It also meant ...

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