Karren Brady is one the most prominent businesswomen within the UK.

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Karren Brady is one the most prominent businesswomen within the UK. I have chosen this entrepreneur due to my personal admiration for her and all that she has achieved so far. Karren is widely known for her role as the “first woman in football” when she became the Managing Director of Birmingham City Football Club (1993-2009). Her remarkable efforts pulled Birmingham City out of administration and within three years, the football Club made an overall profit for the first time in history. Karren Brady was responsible for the company's flotation in 1997 also, thus becoming the youngest Managing Director of a PLC in the UK – the stock market value was £25,000,000. In her thirteenth year, her business was valued at £82,000,000 so in October 2009 Karren made the shrewd move of selling the football club.

 In January 2010, Karren continued her journey in the football industry and was appointed Vice Chairman of West Ham United Football Club. She is continuing to build success here also as under her leadership, West Ham football club were awarded “Preferred Bidder” for the Olympic Stadium – the club will be relocating there after the games.

Karren moved from the comfort of a job at a global advertising agency (Saatchi & Saatchi) at the age of 18, to the London Broadcasting Company within a year as she was “impatient for success”. At the age of 23, within five years, Karren Brady became Managing Director of Birmingham City. Currently however, as well as being a sporting executive Karren is also a television broadcaster, a newspaper columnist, an author and a novelist. She is well known for her ongoing role in “The Apprentice” series.

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Born on 4th April 1969, Karren grew up in Edmonton in London. Her father, Terry Brady, was once chairman of Swindon Town and a director of Portsmouth Football Club. He made his fortune in printing and property development – he was a self-made millionaire. Her mother is Italian, and Karren Brady has an older brother, Darren. She studied in Poles Convent, a boarding school in Ware, Hertfordshire and Aldenham School, Elstree, a boys' school which accepted girls in the sixth form.

Karren Brady began to reveal her entrepreneurial flair at a very early stage in life:

 “I was entrepreneurial ...

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