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Legal and Ethical constraints- Unit 17 Task 2 OCR National Level 3 Business Studies

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Evaluate the recruitment methods used by a McDonald's Fitness for Purpose This concept carefully considers whether the recruitment and selection processes used by the business produced the required and end result. This theory discovers whether the business has managed to recruit a member of staff who is dedicated and meets the guidelines of a McDonald's employee, or an employee who is lacking in the qualities needed and therefore makes the 'fitness for purpose' concept mediocre. The first thing to consider is what position the business is recruiting for; giving you a basis to decide if the systems in place are 'fit for purpose'. In order to apply this first idea, you may want to consider where the business places its advertisements. Placing an advert in some media or business places will affect how qualified and able the applicant is. This leads to the second point; whether the recruitment and selection documents that the business uses are suitable for the level of job that the company is recruiting for. ...read more.


Should this happen, after two weeks the candidate should assume they will not be contacted. This is just one way of ensuring the business saves time and money on replying and posting to all applicants. Another way would be via the internet. Using online services is now a popular way of applying for a job, making email an easy way of contacting an applicant should they be successful or not. Impact on the Applicants Potential Employees should always feel valued and benefitted from any recruitment and selection process. It is vital that whether a potential employee is successful or not, they should feel as though they have accomplished something worthwhile and shouldn't feel de-motivated if they are not chosen. A business should always consider how they are going to make their recruitment and selection process accessible to all who wish to apply. ...read more.


This includes; The Data Protection Act, Equal Opportunities Acts such as the s*x Discrimination Act and the Race Relations Act as well as the Equal Pay Act. Mcdonalds applications are online and contain questions involving only those which are designated to pursue the suitability of the possible employee, and also suit the Data protection act procedure throughout. Mcdonalds also ensures its anti-Discrimination policy towards the disabled by introducing the post of Diversity Development Manager in 1997. The Equal Pay Act is shown in the McDonalds policy where it states "staff pay should reflect performance". As well as obeying the Equal Pay Act it proves that it does take matters of wage for employees seriously. Ethical Constraints give the guideline of unbiased interview questions which McDonalds successfully complies with in their application form, but during an interview some questions are ignored according to the applicant's gender; the assumption that only women would need maternity leave, as opposed to men needing paternity leave etc. ...read more.

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