M1 Compare marketing techniques used in marketing products in Microsoft and M & S

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Task 2

M1: Compare marketing techniques used in marketing products in two organisations

A comparison discussing the similarities and differences of the techniques used to market the Microsoft Surface in Microsoft and the food services by M&S

Market penetration –

This is when the business aims to grow by increasing the number of their customers in particular country or cities.

How two businesses I have investigated have used market penetration to grow and increase their market share?

I investigated the Microsoft corporate and the product that I am focusing on is the Microsoft surface. Microsoft did use this technique to expand the number of their customers and to grow. Some of the countries Microsoft sold their products in over the last 10 years are Britain Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ecuador, Finland, Greece, Hungary,

The table above shows Microsoft market share in 10 different countries including their own territories (USA). As we can see, Spain is the country where they have got the most market share this year compared to Japan where they only have 0.9 % of the market share.

The second business I investigated was Marks and Spencers, they sell various products like clothing and offer food services. The one I chose to focus on is the food services they offer. Mark and Spencer have used Market penetration to enlarge the number of their customers in the market and also to grow. The market share for M&S this year Is 10.4 % which is seen as a drop down compared to the one of last year where they had + 0.5% to the current figure

One of the similarities in the way Microsoft and M&S have used Market penetration product promotion and advertisement. Both of these businesses intensively advertised they product and services in order to enlarge the number of customers they already had. This method enabled them to generate sufficient benefits and to grow rapidly in their markets

One of the difference I noticed in the ways they both used market penetration is prices reduction. Microsoft was forced to use price reduction along they TV and radio adverts to make sure they were going to achieve their goals where as M&S didn’t necessarily used it

How two businesses I have investigated have used market development to grow and expand?

What is Market development?

Market development is when a business tries to find new customers for the product that they already have.

Right now Marks and Spencers they have opened two location stores in Saudi Arabia and are planning on opening 10 more in the next two year. They have also made some new sites for the lingerie and beauty concept in India.

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Microsoft used market development to sell the surface tablets by introducing it and selling it to their software or X box buyers. They’ve also introduced it to other tablets or computers buyers from their competitors. Lately, Microsoft has expanded its cloud CRM software across 17 countries, some of which included South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the Middle East.

From this I can say that one similarity in their market development projects is that they both have their eyes on the Asian continent and countries within it. For example both the companies have decided to start marketing ...

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