BTEC National in Business & Retail                Unit 30 M2 – Compare how three retail business use space and psychology to influence customers to purchase Scenario As a further section to your P3, you are required to compare how your three retail outlets use space and psychology to influence customers to purchase. SimilaritiesDifferencesTangible techniquesThere are number of tangible techniques that all three chosen retailers (Topman/Topshop, Tescos and Boots) use. Such as, one of the most common and prominent ones being that all three happen to use ‘window displays’ – if we look at this more closely we can see that this will fundamentally try to reel customers in. For example, as for Topman/Topshop use this particular type of tangible technique (window displays) to attract a great deal of potential customers from the streets. Such as, if a Topman/Topshop store was situated at the centre of a busy city like Bradford then it only seems reasonable to use windows displays as they are trying to communicate to the general public through their well-designed clothes donned on mannequins so therefore this gives the potential customers an inkling of what the designer brand clothes would look like on themselves. And if the customer has a keen interest in the clothing product then they are more than welcome to come in and try it on in the store before making a final purchase. In addition, to this Boots are also known and recognised as having attractive
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window displays – for instance, Boots also try to capture most passer-by’s interest by making sure that they place any of their brand new healthcare products on the sills so everyone will be able to see what products they have in store. For example, if boots receive any brand new perfume or toiletries products like the new Dove shampoo and conditioner – then in order to attract a lot of customer they would come to the decision of putting the newly received products on display so if any potential customer just strolling by minding their own business might see the ...

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