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Major opportunities that e-businesses have on the Internet.

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Task 5 Marketing Opportunities There are many opportunities that could arise from the use of e marketing I will be researching into three businesses, which will be Amazon, Tesco and Easy jet. These are five major opportunities that e-businesses have on the Internet. The technology of the Internet these allows an Internet business such as Amazon and Easy jet to gather detailed information about many things and one of them things is to gather information about there customers that visit the site and how they browse the site and what screens they visit each time they visit, which is all gathered up to find what kind of person you really are and what kind of products you are interested in buying from the website. The way that Amazon and Easy jet do this is by using Cookies, cookies are left by the website visitor that gives the business information about themselves - personal details and product preferences. The cookies also makes it possible for the business to return personalised sales messages which will be design to create interest in the products that are up for sale. Cookies are a standard mechanism that allows a Web site (or server) to deliver simple data to a client (or end user), request that the client store the information; and, in certain circumstances, return the information to the Web site. Cookies are a way of storing persistent client data so that a site can maintain information on a user across HTTP connections. ("Persistent" means that the information from the Web site lasts longer than the immediate connection.) Cookies are small data structures delivered by a Web site to a Web client. The Web site may deliver one or more cookies to the client. The client stores cookie data on its local hard drive. In certain cases (determined by the data in the cookie itself), the client returns the cookie to the server that originally delivered it. ...read more.


When the time period is up, the cookie expires, which means the user isn't authenticated any longer and will have to log on again and get a new authentication cookie. Banks, online e-mail systems and other sites that require users to log on often use this technique. Also Amazon uses this method as well when they are dealing with paying the customer or when receiving money of the customer. Just like any other business, Amazon has its fair share of competitors. Competitors are business just like Amazon and want to make more profit than Amazon in the long run. The first place that competitors check I.e. Amazon status is on their website, on any business website their website is the thing that 'REVEALS' it all, special offers, promotion, Prices, Financial information for example look at the screen dump below. Carrying out word searches over the Internet for brands and maybe you own brands can reveal some information on your own brands so that you can see what other business are saying about your products. There are also several information organizations on-line that charge per enquiry for delivering an organization's financial results and analysis of results on-line. Amazon's Competitors are businesses who sell everything that they do, so for example because Amazon are known for selling Books, their competitors are businesses like WH Smith, water stones and the Works. Another example of Amazon's competitors for when Amazon sell Cd's are businesses like HMV, virgin Mega stores and Internet businesses like www.Cd-wow.com. So altogether Amazon have a wide range of competitors, so Amazon have to be very aware in what they sell an d what prices they would sell at, Amazon have to work twice as hard as other businesses when investigating competitors because they have so many. Amazon do not use this opportunity to their full advantage, promoting Off-line can be a great useful way to attract a new market to their business, there are many ways in which to promote their business offline like: ...read more.


Once you have registered with them a cookie is created for Sainsbury's so that the next time you log back onto the same website with the same computer you do not need to re-type your information in again they cookie will activate and the details will be their all rady for you to use. Sainsbury's have lots of competitors such as Asda Tesco and other top leading grocery store. All these business will either find information on each other so that their can use that information they have found and compare to their own business to improves their own. Tis is good great thing about the internet it is very easy to find out financial information on their competitors, for example in the screen shot below you can see how Sainsbury have got on with their income coming in and how much profit they are making. The internet can be used to enhance offline and online marketing for Sainsbury's the off line marketing that Sainsbury o are as follows: Advertising methods - T.V, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, Billboards. The way that Sainsbury would advertise on line would be having pop-ups coming from another window advertise themselves so that customers are encouraged by that and will want to buy things off their. For Sainsbury's being on the internet helps them in every way to receive money and to attract more customers, having a webs presence helps them to have the same visibility as the leading major business. For a business like Sainsbury's being on the Internet is not an essential facility for them because they also have their stores all over the U.K, but if they had the chance at being on the Internet they would take this opportunity very quickly which they have done, by introducing there home delivery service and online shopping where customer can do their home shopping for their own home. Form the screen shot below you can see that Sainsbury's are growing with their online shopping idea. Bijay Parkash Task 5 The internet and marketing Opportunities Robin Daly - 41 - ...read more.

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