Managing human resources at West Cheshire College

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Managing Human Resources

Within your organisation research the information listed below and write short paragraph on each:

Staffing to meet changing business demands

There must be a suitably qualified staff recruited in the organisation in order to make sure that employees have the right level of skills so the job is done correctly. If the organisation do not employ right people then the right business decisions are unlikely to be done. Sometimes the business demands may change therefore the staff may need to be trained. All employees need to be kept up to date with any changes within organisation.

It is important that West Cheshire College employs correct staff as they all have to achieve their targets. For examples; if the staff is not suitably qualified the students may not be educated in the correct way.

Co-ordination of team resources to meet targets

The resources must be used effectively individually as well as within a team.  The targets setted by the organisation have to be achieved so the staff needs to make sure that they are co-ordinating and using the resources properly.

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Tutors at West Cheshire College need to make sure that the course is organised fully, so that each one is teaching right things. For example; Level 2 students and Level 3 students have their own timetable and a student planner which states the times of the education and what are they going to learn. Also, there are programme leaders who makes sure that the team is co-ordinated and that the other staff is doing their job.

Monitoring of team performance

The organisation should know what the employees has to do in order to work towards the achieving the target. There ...

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