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Market Research Analysis

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Market Research Preamble In this section I will be talking about the market research that we carried out as a company around college. This includes the promotional materials, our pilot questionnaire and our final questionnaire. We initially started by designing a pilot questionnaire based on our promotional materials questionnaire. We chose a questionnaire for our primary research for numerous reasons. One of these, is that we will get written feedback for future reference. Another reason, is we were after both quantitative and qualitative answers and preferred the written option. Our pilot questionnaire was our primary research and contained both qualitative and quantitative data showing us what could be improved upon for the master questionnaire. We asked 3 totally random strangers to fill them in, and our research was indicative of there being a lack of thorough information, space for answers. The pilot also lacked in design quality, it was poorly laid out. 3 out of 3 of the candidates agreed that it was not at all easy to understand either. ...read more.


Our third question was asking if the relevant information was displayed, which included pricings. Upon analyzing our questionnaires, we can see that the crowd was split. 50% said yes, and 50% said no. This is indicative of a poor layout of some of the text section and requires reworking. This was asked for similar reasons to the first question, as well as to see if it was organized in the correct manner. The fourth question asked how participants found the overall appearance of the poster. The qualitative feedback we got was that the poster needed to be clearer and also required more information Our fifth question asked whether or not the promotional material was eye catching. Only 4 out of the 10 participants answered yes. This was disappointing, however it shows that our poster still requires more work doing to it. This was asked, as we felt we needed to keep potential customers interested in providing necessary feedback in order to make improvements. ...read more.


be both qualitative and quantitative in one question providing us with a better supply of information on which to base our future improvements. The overall result based on looks layout and specific details such as prices, is pleasing and I view it as a successful poster and with tweaking it will be even better. The things we could improve upon, is the colour scheme, change of font to Segoe UI instead of the default Calibri, and we could also lay it out differently, and have one focal point that potential customers would instantly look at. If we could draw their eyes to here, we could lay it out in such a manner, as by having pricing or other important information right next to it and would pull customers in. In our final promotion I believe that we really need to pull our fingers out and put maximum effort into refining and advertising to our target market using the available software we have. Final Word Count: 1035 ?? ?? ?? ?? Matt Bates Candidate No. 0001 ...read more.

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