Marketing Case - Viking range kitchen appliances

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Aleksandar Stojisic

Viking range kitchen appliances


Evaluating Vikings brand image include several points such as brand equity and financial value. First of all a number of points regarding the brand name selection will be taken into consideration.

Benefits and qualities: A brands name should have a relation to its benefits  and qualities,  “Viking” as a brand name signifies to the general public something with a legacy, something of value in other words. The name also suggests a high quality product because of the historical connection to the Vikings therefore logically the product has been branded a niche with a mission to be a part of the world’s cutting edge food movement.

Pronunciation: Easy pronunciation also make a brand easy to recognize and remember, this definitely includes Viking.

Distinctiveness: The brand name must be distinctive for the same reasons as the above. The Viking name is not distinctive since plenty of books, movies, toys as well as its historical meaning occur with the title Viking.

Extendable: If a brand wants to extend its name the name should be suitable to be applied to other products,  Viking does this with their Viking Life division and their Viking Cooking School.  

Translatable: A global brand must be able and suitable to be translated into other languages. In this case Viking is perfect since there is no need for it to be translated.  

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Legal protection: For a brand to be legally registered in different countries it must not resemble another product with that name, since Viking is a widely used brand name this point may become a problem.  

Levels of product

Three levels should be taken into consideration when planning a product: Core benefit, Actual product and augmented product. If we take Vikings oven product as an example, its core benefit is cooking, the actual product however depends on its brand name(very strong and highly dependent), quality level(High quality), design(industrial, stainless steel, Viking D3)  and features(convenience and abilities). Still the augmented ...

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