Marketing Techniques of Mcdonalds and Manchester Library

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Marketing Techniques

I’m going to talk about how two different organisations use marketing techniques on market products. I’m also going to define concept of marketing and give my meaning of what definition means.

Mc Donald’s originally opened as a Bar – B – Que restaurant in 1940. It shut down for a three months in 1948 only to reopen as a self service drive thru with a menu only including nine items. In 1954 they were a offered a chance to franchise and took it. In 1955 they opened another restaurant. From this they have spread globally.

The foundation stone was put down for the central library in 1930 by prime-minister Ramsay MacDonald. The central library officially opened in 1934. The library was opened by King George V. Loads of people came to this event and was overjoyed by it.

I am going to explain about the main objective of Mc Donald’s and the influence over the marketing objectives. Marketing objectives are goals that need to be completed to complete and aim or an objective. The marketing objective is set by the marketing department. They want to promote the product that is why they are set up. A main objective is a goal; it’s usually set over a short amount of time. Mc Donald’s main objective is ‘the biggest family restaurant in the world, our vision is to provide the best family experience – by far. To achieve this, we put people at the centre of everything we do. And that goes for our employees as much as our customers.’ Mc Donald’s have said that they are going to open 30 new drive thrus per year from 2010. By doing this they open a new market, this is aimed at people who are busy and on the go.

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I am going to explain about the main objective of the Library’s and the influence over the marketing objectives. The library’s in Manchester’s main objective is to get younger age groups to come to the library. They offer kids fun over the summer holidays, homework clubs and audio books. A marketing objective for the Manchester library is that they aim to open a library in Beswick by the 13th September.         

Marketing is a way to promote a business or a product using various different ways. For example an advert or a poster. There are three different concepts. The ...

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