Marketing Travel and Tourism products and services

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Marketing Travel and Tourism products and services

In this assignment I am going to write about factors that affecting the marketing by giving examples in travel and tourism organisations.

Definition of marketing

  The definition of marketing is that the progression of planning and executing the beginning, pricing, promotion, and giving out of ideas of products, organisations, and events to create and maintain relationships that will satisfy individual and organizational objectives.

These are the factors that affecting the travel and tourism industry:

  • Company ethos
  • Consumer protection
  • Standards of practice
  • Political
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Technological

Company Ethos

   Company Ethos is one of the main factors that could affect the marketing of travel and tourism organisations including British Airways. All market actions in British Airways are being done by good enough for ethical and moral standards. It is important that the organisations should now respect the customer’s religion and background and they should not prejudice against them. An example for ethical and moral standards in British Airways is that they stopped their staff from wearing visible religion symbols.  

 Company Ethos can also include environment as well. There are some companies that obtain the main beliefs of green tourism and they promote holidays that does not harm the local people in the destinations. It is important that companies show social responsibilities and ethical in all marketing actions. For example British Airways state that they will “strive to improve its environmental and social performance and to contribute to a better quality life for everyone, now and for generations to come”. They also state they will achieve this by setting clearly define objectives and targets addressing their environmental and social issues.

  There are legislations that will affect the marketing the travel and tourism industry which will stop the organisations doing what they want for example: airlines can not put their own prices they need to follow particular rules and legislations.

  As the company ethos is one of the biggest factors that affect the travel and tourism industry many organisation are trying their best in order to meet these factors. Virgin Atlantic is another airline industry that is aware of these factors. Virgin Atlantic has to follow what the government puts as taxation for the prices. It is also important that these two organisations should not mislead their passengers because this will give a bad company image to the both organisations.

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  All these factors will affect the marketing of Virgin Atlantic and British Airways by providing customers the products within following their rights and proving them with a good customer service.

 Consumer protection

     It is always important that all travel and tourism organisation are following the rules and regulation when carrying out their marketing work. One of the regulations is “The Customer Protection Act 1987”.  The Consumer Protection Act 1989 is an Act that forces the companies’ legal responsibilities for their customers. The aim of the Act is to offer procedures that a person who buy ...

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