McDonal Environmental Issues

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Environmental/Green External Factors

With millions of customers around the world, McDonald’s recognizes the importance of conserving natural resources and the benefits they provide for current and future generations. McDonald also recognizes that the long-term business goals will be better served if they help protect the natural and community resources that support and are affected by their activities.

McDonalds approach focuses strategically on the major environmental impacts and is guided by world-recognized independent experts.

Neighbourhood. As good citizens and good neighbours, McDonald's and independent owner/operators help keep the local environment clean and attractive.

  • Provide standard operating procedures include regular litter patrols of the areas around our restaurants.
  • Owner/operators and regional company organizations support local clean-up days with free meals for volunteers and promotional incentives for participation.

McDonalds Restaurant

At McDonald’s, environmental preservation at the restaurant level involves a broad range of initiatives to conserve natural resources and minimize pollution.

Solid Waste Management
Since 1990, McDonald’s has worked with Environmental Defence to reduce waste in operations. They have learned to control solid wastes by:

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  • Reducing the amount of materials we use initially.
  • Recycling what we can.
  • Using products made from recycled materials

Electrical Energy Conservation
Electrical energy conservation is an important part of our environmental program. We know that managing our energy uses will conserve energy sources like natural gas and coal and help control greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to smog, acid rain, and global warming

McDonald’s goal is further signification reduction in electrical energy use.

  • Providing owner/operators and restaurant managers with training, advice, and tools for assessing electrical energy consumption and savings potentials.
  • Establishing optimal equipment ...

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