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mcdonalds. Based on what Ive researched I think it was a good idea for McDonalds to start franchising because I now see the results it has on McDonalds.

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Date Action Comment Nov 2nd Nov 5th Nov 9th Nov 13th Nov 18th Nov 25th Nov 28th Dec 1st Dec 5th Dec 6th Dec 9th Dec 10th Dec 11th - write introduction - Comparing types of business: explain what franchise is. - Explain how a company can grow - How an entrepreneur can start a business - Financial constraints - why do companies use franchising - McDonalds and its external environment - Influences on McDonalds - Affects of planning permissions or laws - Effects of McDonalds operations - Questionnaire -Compare different aspects of McDonalds franchising - Conclusion - Hand in In 1954, a 52 year old salesman Ray Kroc was an exclusive distributor for multi-mixer milkshake machines. d**k and Mac McDonald ran a small hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California. At the time the McDonald brothers did not intend to expand their business nation wide. Ray Kroc became their exclusive franchising agent for the entire country; Kroc bought McDonalds for $2.7 million. Kroc formed the new franchising company in March 2, 1955, under the name of McDonald's System, Inc. This was the start of McDonalds as we know it today. In 1974, McDonalds opened its first restaurant in the UK. Today over 2.5 million people in the country rely on McDonald's every day - trusting the company to provide them with food of a standard, quick service and value for money. In 2005 the UK supply chain spent over �425 million ensuring that McDonalds delivered high standard menu choices to their customers. In 2005 over 17,200 dedicated British and Irish farmers helped McDonalds to achieve this target. McDonald's is the largest user of recycled paper in our industry, which includes such items as tray liners, fry boxes, serviettes, carry out bags and drink holders. A McDonald's franchisee and his or her team can be found supporting various local schools, youth athletic teams, senior citizens' groups, safety awareness campaigns, literacy programs, environmental projects and local fundraising initiatives in their communities. ...read more.


Both employer and employees has to pay national insurance as a proportion of employee's income. This contributes towards the social security system, e.g. job seekers allowance. Indirect taxes include: Value added tax is payable at each stage of production on the value added by the business. This tax is usually passed on to consumers through higher prices. Businesses pay additional taxes on top of VAT placed on certain goods such as alcohol, tobacco and petrol. This is known as excise duties. Finally business pay additional taxes on imported goods and this is known as customs duties. The group's 30,000th restaurant opened in 2001, and the golden arches now spread across almost 120 countries and welcome 47million customers every day. Some of the main concerns with the environment are global warming, acid rain, ozone depletion, wildlife and natural habitats, air, land and water pollution. Many of the causes of these problems are the activities of businesses in providing consumers with their wants and needs. Greater environmental awareness of consumers means that many businesses are adopting more eco friendly practises to ensure that they maintain consumer loyalty. To help protect the environment the government has introduced the following acts: The Environmental Protection Act Under this act businesses have to ensure that they are using those methods which will best reduce the amount of land, air and water pollution. Failure to do so will result in fines. Legal constraints that affect McDonalds are: Planning permissions If McDonalds wanted to build new premises or change the use of their existing premises then they would have to submit plans to the local council. The local council will work out the benefits of the plan (e.g. new jobs/ businesses in the area) against any negative effects (e.g. noise pollution, the kind of people it would attract, safety, and invasion of privacy) and then make a decision. The council can deny the business from demanding changes to their business plans. ...read more.


Every day or more 2 - 6 times a week About once a week About once a month 4. How would you rate the level of hygiene in McDonalds? Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor 5. Would you recommend McDonald's to a family or friend? Yes No 6. Do you agree that McDonalds are targeting their food at young children? Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Part 3 7. Are you happy with the amount of healthy options they provide? Yes No Comment __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Do think there should be more healthy options. Yes No Comment __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. Would you visit McDonalds? Yes No If no, why? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. Do you think McDonalds have friendly staff? Yes No If no, why? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12. How would you rate the accessibility to McDonald's? Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor From the information I gathered, I realised that the older generation seemed to visit McDonalds more than any other fast food outlet. I think this is because most adults will not have the time to cook food so they might go to McDonalds after work. Most adults however do take their children to McDonalds for a quick meal. These results are not accurate enough to base a judgement on McDonalds, because they do not show any information about how McDonalds might aim there advertising at younger children. I chose to represent my data in a pie chart because that way there are more accurate results and it is easier to see the percentage of people that selected each outlet. Based on what I've researched I think it was a good idea for McDonalds to start franchising because I now see the results it has on McDonalds. McDonalds is now one of the top selling fast food brands and I think that without Ray Kroc the McDonald brothers would never have seen such a dramatic increase in sales and profits to their small hamburger stand. For the McDonald brothers I do think franchising has been a great success for them. www.british-franchise.org/whatis.asp www.tutor2u.net www.thetimes100.co.uk www.entrepeneur.com www.sapbizinsights.com www.sba.gov www.manchesteronline.co.uk www.mcdonalds.co.uk www.makeupyourownmind.com www.healthline.com ?? ?? ?? ?? Olivia O'Connor Randall ...read more.

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