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Movie Box

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Movie Box (Home of Entertainment) Background Movie Box is a well known small business, which is situated in Small Heath, Birmingham. Mr. Nazim Hussain currently owns the entertainment store, where he rents out movies and DVD's. Mr. Nazim has one assistant working for him, who records all the details manually. The assistant also answers phone calls about movies and DVD inquiries. Mr. Nazim charges his customers 1.00 for Bollywood films and 1.50 for Hollywood films. He also charges an extra fee of 1.00 for everyday the movie or DVD is over due. The customers have to come to the business if they want to take a movie or a DVD out. For a customer to rent out a movie he/she needs a membership number, without this number the customer can't rent out movies. Statement of Problem Mr. Nazim and his assistant were interviewed, to find out what are the problems with current system and the changes they would like to the new system. Mr. Nazim said that Movie Box is currently dealing with about twenty people per day. All these rentals are taken manually in a register. ...read more.


To prevent anyone to have access to the new system the user will have a special password. All the information should have a backup copy, incase any information is lost or is destroyed due to any viruses. Investigation The current system Presently Movie Box is working manually and the business is dealing with the following inputs: * Name * Address * Contact numbers * Membership number * Date of rental * Date the movie or the DVD is due back Processing: * How much revenue is coming in weekly * The cost of the movie or DVD * Filling in the register daily of the rentals being taken out Output: * Information about rented videos and DVD's is written on paper * Prices received for every video rented The Current System Below is a flow chart of how the current system rents out movies or DVD's Input: Below is an example of a form filled in by the assistant as each customer rents out a video. (This is done manually) * Name * Address * Contact Number Type of film- Bollywood or Hollywood * Date the movie or DVD is taken out * Date the movie or DVD is due back * Title of film * Cost Sign of customer........................ ...read more.


must be easy to perceive and comprehend by all the members of staff * Taking movies or DVD's should be much easier * Look-up functions and validation rules must all work * Information and details about certain movies or customers can be found easily by going to the customer's list * All information must be saved on the hard drive and must have a backup, incase any information is lost or has been destroyed due to viruses Quantitative Objectives * The system should have limitless capacity, as there is a lot of information about customers and movies as well as DVD's * Movies and DVD's should be taken out and returned back in less than five minutes * Calculations should not take more than two minutes to work out * The extra fee charge should come up automatically on the screen if the film is kept for more than a day * The programme should be straight forward and easy to use * The assistant should have their own password to log in so no one access customer details without authorization * (The design of the first page of the new system is shown on the next page) Nazia Nasreen Joseph Chamberlain College Page 1 of 8 ...read more.

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