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My aim is to research and produce a formal business report on my the co-operative society supermarket

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0.1 INTRODUCTION: For my business report I am investigating the co-operative society supermarket. My aim is to research and produce a formal business report on my the co-operative society supermarket 1.01 TERMS OF REFRENCE SCENARIO: I am an assistant in a firm of business consultants. The consultancy is putting together files of information about some of the clients that are on the companies books. These businesses range from large multi-national companies to medium sized businesses in different sectors. They are the most likely to seek the advice of consultancy when they experience some form of internal or external change. The files of information are then the first source for the consultants and so they need to be detailed, accurate and up to date. I am assisting in this project by researching and producing a formal business report on a medium/large organisation that I have identified. I will also need to look at other organisations to assist me in comparing and contrasting the various aspects required in the report. 2.0 PROCEEDURE For my report I aim to investigate all aspects of the Co-operative Society Supermarket I aim to investigate and produce a formal report on the businesses * Ownership type, and the benefits and drawbacks of the ownership type * The functional areas of the businesses * The objectives of the business * How the business objectives tie in with the functional areas With the use of both primary and secondary research I intend to put together a detailed and informative report on my chosen business. * In my primary research I have used the following methods : Field research: This involves paying a visit to the actual business location, speaking to the staff, employees and management in order to retrieve information. Questionnaires: I intend to formulate a questionnaire which would aid in the writing of my report. This questionnaire will help me by providing direct information on the following 1. Management style and culture 2. Organisational structure of the chosen business organisation 3. ...read more.


and how it helps Co-op meet its aims Human resources are a function important to every business by providing the vital resource (personnel) which the business needs to carry out its functions it overall helps the business meets its goals. This function is vital because without the right qualified people carrying out the job roles the business would not be able to carry out its functions efficiently. HR not only recruits. The human resources function also helps the business as a whole meet its aims and objectives by finding out new ways to lower staff turnover and keep its employees motivated. The chart below shows the number of stores and employees Number of Outlets Number of employees# Food Retail 1,756 47,920 Figures taken from www.co-op.co.uk 6. CUSTOMER SERVICE Customer service is very important to both the business and the customer for the business it acts as a means for the customers to receive necessary information about products or services provided by the business or to make suggestions, comments or complaints about any aspect or activity of the business. The customer service department is also important to the business because they could find out from customer's responses and complaints how to improve certain areas of the business. This aspect of the business also works in unison with the marketing and sales department. Their concern is also to keep up the reputation of the business. Some of the factors that contribute to good customer service are customers expect that the price of the goods and services are reasonable, a wide range of products which must be available at the right time. The customers also expect a fast service; the payment period for business customers has to be attractive. Customers can also to pay by cash, cheques, credit cards or debit cards. Co-op endeavours to meet the customer expectations by providing a wide range of goods and giving information to customers for example they have a leaflets or magazines showing the new products. ...read more.


Through my investigation and findings, I can conclude that the co-op retails are meeting the company's cooperative and functional objectives. There are a number of ways that a business like Co-op can be assessed to see if the business as a whole is meeting its objectives. The business main aim is to provide for the shopping needs of the community this being said the businesses functional areas work together to meet this through different objectives set out. There are various ways a businesses succession on meeting its objectives can be analysed some of these methods include: Balance sheet: this is basically a summary of the business at a particular time it gives and idea of the businesses assets and liabilities Cash flow statement: a cash flow statement is a financial statement that shows the businesses sources of revenue/income and the uses and expenses the businesses incurred during the trading period. Profit and loss account: this presents a summary of all the businesses transactions and shows the flow of expenditure and income during the trading period. My evidence to support this is the sales/ revenue figures these clearly show that the businesses goods and services it offers are being brought in large numbers by customers and consumers alike. his does not necessarily mean the business is meeting all of its corporate objectives it just present the evidence that the business is turning over its stock and generating revenue. Another piece of evidence that supports my conclusion is the responses form my questionnaire which were filled in by members of staff and management in the local co-op this clearly showed that the employees were fairly satisfied with the working conditions including health and safety and thought there job role was satisfactory. This presented the conclusion that the business was meeting its objective of providing incentives to keep its employees and staff motivated and lowering staff turnover. My third reason for my conclusion presents itself in the form of co-ops organisational chart. AVCE Business Studies Business at work 1 Donald.Weekes ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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