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Novartis Financial Analysis

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Makenzie Shurtz Novartis Financial Statements 5/23/2012 HSA 525 Week 3 Assignment Strayer University Professor Coon Novartis Financial Statements There are many different types of financial statements involved in Healthcare Finance and they are all very important. Balance sheets are crucial in providing needed information about businesses assets, liabilities, and shareholders equity. The balance sheet presents a snapshot of the financial position of an organization at a given period of time. This data changes as a business increases or decreases its assets or financing situation. Assets are physical property and supplies owned by the company, as well as things that hold value the company has invested in. Liabilities are responsibilities the company has to other entities on behalf of the company, i.e. ...read more.


Cash flow statements fluctuate due to the inflow and out flow of cash. The cash flow explains how much or little cash has been generated through the company, the income statement is not capable of that. The cash flow statement is divided into investing activities, operating, and financing activities. These three steps analyze a company's cash flow from net loss; it shows flow from purchases i.e. plant, property, and equipment. And lastly, it shows cash flow by selling stocks and bonds or paying back a loan so to speak. Novartis is a leading company that is focused on developing and successfully marketing products that potentially will prevent and/or cure diseases. ...read more.


and Diagnostics- 1,066 Consumer Health- 1,253 2010 Net Sales: US 10,043 Vaccines and Diagnostics-1, 184 Consumer health-2, 006 Balance Sheet 2010 2009 Number of Associates 119,418 99,834 Return on average Equity 15.7 15.7 Research and Development 8,080 7,287 Purchased Goods and Services 44% 48% Taxes 15% 15% Debt 19% 155 Equity 56% 60% Liabilities 25% 25% Statement of Cash 2010 2009 Dividend 2.20 2.10 Cash flow from operating Activities 14,067 12,191 Free Cash Flow 7,860 5,505 Purchase of Intangible, non current and financial assets 693 1084 Non current assets 650 226 Operating income increased 15% on expanding its business and improvements. Net sales increased by 14% by increased growth. 22% of the operating income has increased. Net income has increased 18% and the core income has increased by 17%. ...read more.

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